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Easy Deal Builder: Intense Product Review

Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson from Memberspeed Inc recently asked me to do a preview and review of their “Easy Deal Builder” and I was given a key to the back door, where a demo version of this software was uploaded.

When you buy Easy Deal Builder, you receive a licensed copy that easily installs on your own web host… I tried this part myself and it was super easy, there was not even any need to mess around with MySQL databases which any person new to installing a PHP script will appreciate.

Installation Tip:

If you install Easy Deal Builder on a web hosting account that already has a WordPress blog with Security plugins installed and your install.php script doesn’t load for you, simply deactivate the security plugin temporarily while installing Easy Deal Builder.

Once I entered the admin panel, I was challenged with making my first “deal” using this software.

I wish I could proudly state that without reading any directions, or watching a single tutorial video, I was able to create a compelling special deal website with this software, in just a few minutes… but to admit the truth, I did watch some of the easy to follow tutorial videos, but hey… no shame in that.

Since then, I have had more time to play with “Easy Deal Builder” and explore more of its features and enjoy many of its benefits.

However, before I jump wholeheartedly into this review let me ask you a quick question…

Have you ever owned an automobile for years, and one day while cleaning and polishing it, you discovered a cool hidden feature that you never noticed before? Perhaps the driver’s seat had another adjustment you never knew about, or yet another folding cup holder popped out of some unsuspecting place in the center console?

Well, I have a feeling “Easy Deal Builder” is going to be a lot like that!

There are so many hidden gems in this program, I can’t wait to discover them all.

However, for the purposes of a review, I’ll stick to the parts of the program I already know well.

To begin, “Easy Deal Builder” makes a damn good looking webpage to offer deals from.

It’s slick and professional looking, and so well coded it displays perfectly even on mobile devices.

You can also customize the look and feel of the page to suit your personal branding, all from the admin panel without ever screwing the website up! This is surely a benefit that newbies born with all thumbs will admire.

The websites this software creates accepts many major payment gateways including PayPal, Clickbank, 2Checkout, JVzoo, Digiresults, Zaxaa and it can be configured so that prices can be displayed in up to six different currencies!

Every deal that you create will be automatically included into the software


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