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You are Invited to the All New Domain Cost Club!

As a valued blog reader, I am extending a special invitation for you to learn about Domain Cost Club. DCC is 1 year old and I joined them at the very beginning in 2014. In celebration, they have launched the 3 free new features that bundle even more incredible value into every Club Membership!

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Domain Cost Club now offers a FREE 30 day trial of Club Membership! The trial period allows anyone to create an account for free and enjoy the benefits of being a Club Member without purchasing a Membership.

Free 30-day Trial

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Three free domains!

They now give paid Club Members 3 domains for FREE! Register 3 new domains from a long list of select domain extensions, including .COM.

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All domains registered with Domain Cost Club come with FREE privacy protection! Many registrars offer free domain privacy… for the first year only. Boo! DCC includes it free for all domains FOREVER. Keep your private information safe from spammers and out of the public Whois at no additional cost.

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Domain Cost Club offers at-cost pricing on hundreds of top level domains. No markup, ever!

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Are you looking for a new revenue stream? They’ve built an amazing referral program into DCC. Whether you’re looking for a new primary business, an additional one to supplement your existing businesses, or one to add as a new step to your current program; Domain Cost Club has everything you need. Join the Club and prosper!

  • Earn a minimum of $25 per referral
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Membership can make you money

Learn more at Watch their 5 minute video explaining how Domain Cost Club works. See how easy it is to save and earn with the power of domains and Membership options with DCC.

Home Business Friendly

Keep in mind that Membership allows you to buy as many domains as you want at-cost. I personally moved 77 of my domains into my Charter Member account. If you have other hobbies, businesses, or programs that you are part of, remember to use your DCC Membership to buy domains for any and all of them at the cheapest prices anywhere!

If you know other like-minded people in need of domains or interested in additional income, you will be able to refer them to us using your personal DCC referral link.

A History of Reliability

Domain Cost Club is powered by Global Domains International, Inc. GDI was founded in 1999 and launched the .WS domain registry in 2000. GDI has operated a successful internet-based network marketing program since 2001, making monthly payments to its members for over 14 years.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Importance of frequency and consistency…

I received today an email reply to an autoresponder message I send out sharing with my subscribers traffic source where the owner allowed me to pass on 50,000 advertising credits for free.

The reply said: “Sorry, I don’t believe in all this traffic crap anyway none of that ever works unless you can show me otherwise!”

Let me share with you what I shared with my subscriber…

With “traffic crap” it is a little bit like rain drops hitting the desert floor.

If you just have an occasional drop here and there, all that will happen is that the water vaporises.

Same with a lot of traffic sources… a single mailing somewhere will give you barely any if not even no results at all.

But if frequency and consistency is applied… those traffic drops can eventually form the Grand Canyon.

Same with traffic sources… I started in July 1996 with less then a handful subscribers and my first newsletter issue on July 1st 1996, see:

With frequency and consistency applied I went from there to here:

Yes… a long time, but well worth it in my opinion.


To Your Success in Business & Life,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer
Director of Marketing Pty Ltd
Frank Bauer

Advice / strategy for quick list building…

Today I was asked on Skype: “Do you have any advice or strategy for quick list building… which might help us? Just saw this on JVZoo …[Link Removed], might it be so secret as the guy was telling?”

I replied…

I am not familiar with the specific strategy that particular guy on the sales page teaches (and to be honest, I didn’t watch his complete video sales pitch), but there are some things that you need to remember…

a) Once you have a system in place (a funnel that builds your list), it’s always easier then when you are starting out… my funnels are all of my web sites where I offer something for free on the front-end. I build my lists by giving away access to my systems. Then I earn money when people purchase something on my sites or when I email advertise recommended affiliate offers to them.

b) Anybody selling a list building training or system will make it sound as easy as possible in order to make it sell better. It still takes time and work. And to get to the position they are at, it will possibly take years to get to. It is possible to get there… but most likely not fast.

c) List size is not as important as your relationship with the list. A small list of people that know, like & trust you will earn you more money then a large list of people who hardly know you.

So, personally… I recommend to look for ways to help those specific types of people you want to attract to your list and provide them with that help in exchange for their name and email.

This can be as simple as a blog that talks about the specific topic and asks for their name and email in the sidebar in order to inform them about the latest information you share (new blog posts)… or it can be as complicated as a full-blown membership site with specific services offered for free (as I do).


Hope this helps, let me know in the comments below.

To Your Success in Business & Life,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer
Director of Marketing Pty Ltd
Frank Bauer

Actual results in almost 4 days…

Remember when I last posted in the middle of the night (my timezone here in Sydney, Australia) almost 4 days ago?

I started using List Leverage right from the launch last Thursday, right after I helped my buddy Matthew Neer get his site ready for launch.

The main function of List Leverage is to leverage your list building efforts as well as build you 3 income streams at the same time, while being 100% free to join.

I personally got the optional VIP Syndicate upgrade that’s offered at a $1 3 day trial.

And here are the results I got so far in less then 4 days…

I personally consider 359 leads in less then 4 days a very good result.

Also, their 3 income streams together generated so far a total of $243.45 in commissions.

Considering that all 3 income steams have either a free or $1 trial period… I am very satisfied with this result in such a short time.

Join me & get your own List Leverage account right now!

To Your Success in Business & Life,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer
Director of Marketing Pty Ltd
Frank Bauer

It’s 3:49 am my time…

Yeap, that is right… almost 4 am here in Sydney, Australia and I am exhausted.

Why am I still up and why am I bothering to even write this blog post this late at night?

Great question…. easy answer! I was helping my buddy Matthew Neer with his latest site launch. Hours before his launch and still technical issues to be resolve… and his programmer went missing in action.

So, good guy as I am… I helped him get it all up and running smooth. And now I am almost too tired to even let you know it went life moments ago.

What is the main function of his site? Leveraging your list building as well as building you 3 income streams at the same time, while being 100% free to join.

Like I said it went life moments ago, I this is my first email I am sending out about it… and so far I got 10 leads added to my autoresponder.

And yes… I haven’t even clicked the save button yet!

Anyway… like I said, it’s late… I am tired, so let’s agree to let his video explain you all the details.

Get your own free List Leverage account right now!

You can thank me later.

To Your Success in Business & Life,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer
Director of Marketing Pty Ltd
Frank Bauer

P.S. – You will need the autoresponder account to build your list and ClickBank is free to join, but if you don’t want to use the ILS income stream, feel free to use my ID: success

P.P.S. – See the System LIVE in Action Here!

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