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ORU – Separating Hype from Reality!

I believe it is time to separate the hype from the actual reality when it comes to what some are praising as the “Replacement of PayPal”… ORU.

I have heard claims like “PayPal and other Merchant accounts including Stripe are no longer allowing any type of marketing or advertising programs!”

This is far from reality… have they frozen hundreds of accounts during the last PayPal purge? Yes, they did… but not just for marketing or advertising programs.

I have the proof as they limited my accounts and I got them back in 9 days and that with my business being 90% Marketing & Advertising Programs.

My business is, after all, Marketing Pty Ltd and I accept PayPal on sites like,,, and many, many more.

As you can see, PayPal has no problem at all with Marketing & Advertising Programs.

And if you are interested to learn how I and others got our accounts back that were permanently limited by PayPal then you should read my earlier blog post right here.

But for now, let’s get back to ORU… are they a replacement for PayPal? The straight forward answer is… not yet.

Can they be of immense help for Internet Marketers that lost their PayPal and/or Stripe accounts? Of course, but getting your PayPal account back would at this time be a lot better for you.

In our market, many people simply still prefer to pay directly with PayPal, Credit or Debit card.

But you heard that others can pay you with ORU using PayPal, Credit or Debit card? Well, that’s partially true.

Your customer or affiliates that you want to pay will need to join ORU at $5.95 per month… an extra expense for being able to pay you or get paid that way.

Plus they will first need to fund their ORU account and then pay you with their ORU funds.

Yes, they will also be able to earn commissions on 10 levels with ORU, and the marketers between us will long term enjoy that benefit for sure.

Now, all that being said… why did I join ORU? Even with me still having my PayPal accounts?

There are multiple reasons, and I will be honest… their generous compensation plan is part of those reasons.

– With so many Internet Marketers stuck between a rock and a hard place since…

a) one of PayZa’s Canadian owners got kit-napped by US authorities in March of 2018 and

b) PayPal & Stripe started their purge in November / December of 2018 (due to, IMHO, either a buggy AI or one or several crazy SJWs in their staff)

I believe that more and more Internet Marketers that either lost their PayPal / Stripe account or simply lost their trust in PayPal (who can blame them) will start or already started to use ORU as their last resort payment processing option of choice.

I just helped my business partner Frank Hester integrate ORU into his Crypto Pros site.

Other early adopters of the ORU Payment System include Safelist Mogul, Dave Mosher who will be accepting payments and sending commission on 250+ Safelists and Viral Mailers.

Also, Master Marketer, Frank Salinas is now using the ORU Payment System for his sites and the renown owner of BuildABiz Online, Ian Stewart has included ORU as a way to pay and get paid.

Many, many more will follow and as affiliates and customers can use ORU on more and more sites, that low monthly fee will become less and less of an issue for them as well.

And yes, I also have plans to integrate ORU into my sites as a payment option as well as an option to get paid.

– It will take years for ORU to get close to (never mind overtake) PayPal or Stripe, but as long as those big corporations don’t really care about their customer (us), their circle of influence will continue to shrink.

That’s the best chance companies like ORU will ever get to work their way up to at least the “Pepsi” status.

– ORU doesn’t have an API yet, but as mentioned before, I just helped Frank Hester integrate ORU in his site by allowing members to save their ORU Share Code (for giving credit to the referrer if somebody joins ORU) and their ORU Username (to receive commissions manually
sent by Frank Hester on member request). Frank gives his customers instructions via a video on how they can pay him for products via ORU Pay and then full-fills those orders (for now) manually.

As you can see, it’s already now usable, and can only get better as ORU implements a proper API for site owners to utilize.

– Another benefit of using ORU is for sites with compensation plans where PayPal or Stripe where never an option. Like multi-level marketing, pass up systems etc.

– Then there is the benefit for otherwise crypto only sites (like Crypto Pros) to provide a not refundable USD option to pay for customers as well as to get paid for affiliates.

– Finally, as I hinted early on, ORU is very generous with their compensation plan where you will be able to earn a one-time $10 for new personal referrals, $1 on level 2 to 10 and then $0.25 on 10 levels starting the second month. Plus, the company pays out the majority of their remaining profits in form of a weekly bonus that is based on your personal ORU Score where your activity on the site as well as your referral activity gives you points that determine how much in bonus you get.

My first-week bonus was $5.49… not bad for a $5.95/mth program.

All in all… is ORU the holy grail of payment processing?

Certainly not, for sure not yet… but this is their chance to increase their market footprint. Who do you believe will treat you better, the corporate giant that considers you just another number or the startup that has so much to gain, but also everything to lose if they don’t treat us right.

I am in… are you? At the very least… inform yourself and take a closer look right now, right here!


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