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Will the Brexit allow the UK to prosper?

I apologize for another not business related post, but I had to share this video with as many people from the UK such as yourself as I possibly can.

What is going on in Europe right now is rather frightening and I agree with Stefan Molyneux‘s view on why the Brexit is a must for the UK to survive.

If you are not yet watching the YouTube videos of Stefan Molyneux, I highly, highly recommend you start doing so.

You can watch the video I saw today on YouTube or right below…

Another great video that explains why Brexit is a must on YouTube is Brexit The Movie. It’s a bit longer then Stefan’s summary, but highly informative as well.

Please, share this blog post / videos with anybody you care about in the UK! And let me know your thoughts about it in the comments below.

GMA – Simply The Facts

In this video I am talking with Dennis Koray from Cologne, Germany about GetMyAds (GMA), our experiences, results and tips… simply the facts!


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GMA – Einfach Nur Die Fakten

In diesem Video spreche ich mit Dennis Koray aus Köln, Deutschland über GetMyAds (GMA), unsere Erfahrungen, Resultate und Tipps… einfach nur die Fakten!


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Reasons for the European Migrant Crisis…

Before I even get started, I apologize for this not business related post, but I felt like I had to share this with as many people as I possibly can.

I personally lived in Germany for 30 years… and I am rather glad that I have been living with my wife and son the last 11 years in Australia.

What is going on if Europe right now is rather frightening, not sure if it’s worse or better then what’s going on right now in the US (where I lived for 2 1/2 years).

If you are not yet watching the YouTube videos of Stefan Molyneux, I highly, highly recommend you start doing so.

You can watch the video I saw today on YouTube or right below…

Stefan shares in the video an image that kind of shows the reason why Europe has a hard time dealing with the Crisis where other countries such as Russia or the Vatican don’t have the same problems…

Reasons for the European Migrant Crisis

I found another image that explains it similarly in more detail…

More Reasons for the European Migrant Crisis

What are your thoughts on what is happening? If you agree with what Stefan laid out in his video, please share this with as many people as you humanly can.

And no matter if you agree or not, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Oh, and no worries about keeping it PC. I am not infected by that deadly, human society killing virus.

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