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PayPal Purge 2018/2019 – A Possible Solution

Have you been affected by the 2018/2019 PayPal purge as well?

If you have been, then I am sure you will be interested to hear that there is a possible solution for you.

As hundreds, if not thousands of other Internet Marketers, I also got hit by the PayPal purge. In the middle of December 2018, my two PayPal accounts (2 business entities) both got a permanent account suspension with just vage information on why it happened.

But just 9 days later (shortly after Christmas), both accounts were reinstated and I was again able to send and receive payments as well as access the funds I was told are frozen for 180 days, just 9 days before.

How did I do it? Did the same approach work for others? What other options are there if you either can’t get your account back or simply have enough of ever dealing with PayPal again?

Let me share with you the exact steps I took to get my PayPal accounts back. These steps where then also used by a former business partner of mine who woke up one morning just to see that his four PayPal account where all permanently suspended. He got all his accounts back as well, after just a few days.

These are the 14 steps that we followed…

1. Call PayPal… email alone will not get you anywhere.

2. Mention that you didn’t break any of their terms or conditions or AUP since you opened your PayPal account in ####. Obviously… make sure you didn’t! Read their terms and AUP first.

3. Ask them: How can I help you clear up this misunderstanding? Most suspended accounts in this purge seem to simply be found guilty by association or guilty until proven innocent. So, if you don’t get from PayPal the exact reason why your account was suspended and the reason they give is unclear (as with the big majority that was affected), offer to help them resolve this misunderstanding.

4. Your PayPal account manager will at this point hopefully escalate your case to the Risk Management department. If he doesn’t right away, keep talking with him. Ask questions about the exact reason why your account was suspended. Point out how this negatively affects your business and how you will gladly help PayPal to resolve this misunderstanding.

5. The Risk Management department will tell you what information or documents they want from you. In my case, they asked for Business Plans for each of the websites I use PayPal on. If they ask you for the same, but don’t own web site, but earn your money as an affiliate marketer, provide them with a list of the site you currently promote, what products they offer, their compensation plan (should only be commissions on personally referred sales as PayPal tends to be allergic to anything that sounds like MLM) and mention that you will gladly stop promoting any site that PayPal doesn’t allow you to promote.

6. Provide all requested details and documents via email and also in the PayPal area if they ask for them there as well.

7. Wait 15 minute, then follow up with a phone call.

8. Ask if they received the details and documents you provided to them as requested.

9. Ask them: Is there anything else I can help you with to speed up the process of clearing up this misunderstanding? Also, ask them how many days to wait before following up with them on this issue.

10. Wait for them to remove your account limitation or to contact you to request more information or documents. If they ask for more details, loop back to step #6.

11. If they remove your account limitation, skip to step #15.

12. If they don’t remove your account limitation nor reply to you within 2-3 business days (or longer if they told you it will take longer), call them again.

13. Ask them: Is there anything else I can help you with to speed up the process to clear up this misunderstanding?

14. Loop to step #10.

15. Congratulations, you got your PayPal account back.

I hope you get your PayPal account back as well. If not, or if you simply had enough of ever dealing with PayPal again, there is another option.

Let me introduce you to… ORU Market! They allow you to sell products to your customers in USD with no fees. Your customers can fund their ORU account with PayPal, Credit or Debit cards, so you don’t have to have your own PayPal or merchant account. You can also pay your affiliates in USD using ORU Pay. And all ORU members can spend their funds or get cash at ATM’s worldwide using the ORU Prepaid Visa Card. ORU is available in 96 countries for a one-time activation fee of $24.99 to get your Prepaid Visa card shipped and just $5.95/mth.

Why would you pay $5.95 a month for the ORU Payment System?

Think about it. How much in fees did you or are you paying PayPal every time you bought or buy something? And how much in fees did you or are you paying to PayPal when you received any money?

For me, it is way more than $5.95 a month! And you paid PayPal month after month and year after year only to be treated so badly!

– ORU has no fees for buying or selling.
– ORU has no chargebacks and disputes.
– ORU does not Limit or Freeze your account.

Check out ORU right now and I am sure you will also like what you see.


Maryanne Myers says:

Were you temporarily limited, sign an agreement or explain something? You can get it back if so. I did it twice by doing so.
BUT if you see the “You can’t use PayPal anymore” image, you can not get it back. Even if you call them. This goes for everyone else.

Calling them is not new knowledge. But if you are CLOSED for good and see that image, nothing works.

Frank Bauer says:

Many years ago, PayPal had temporarily limited my accounts. They confused some of the language used on site describing how members could earn credits on multiple levels as us having a multi-level marketing compensation plan… which we never had at that site.

After we adjusted our language to make it easier to understand for staff at PayPal that is not familiar with our niche, they lifted the temporary limitation.

The way it seems like, PayPal will temporarily limit your account the first time they believe you broke their account and permanently limit it if it happened before.

As long as you didn’t actually break their terms, there is a good chance that, if you are able to communicate the misunderstanding to them, they will rectify their mistake.

This time they permanently limited our accounts and then removed that as well once we again pointed out the misunderstanding on their side and offered out help to clarify the case.

Maryanne Myers says:

But what about the people who don’t sell anything? Or those who sell soap, or those who just deposited money to buy – just to have it limited before buying anything, or those who sell graphics in the Minecraft community, those on eBay, those who don’t do anything at all? BTW, there are sites who changed their language and entire sites to comply with PayPal and still got limited a year later. There are sites who stopped offering commissions to just comply with PayPal, and got limited anyway. It’s not just some misunderstanding – that can be fixed. This is the worst I have ever seen it. I suggest you take a look at Twitter. Almost everyone is getting ignored, you can just call them and have them take another look – they don’t.

Frank Bauer says:

As I said, I believe this PayPal purge is either due to a buggy AI/software or simply human error.

If a persons account got limited that did never sell anything that was against PayPal AUP, they should let PayPal know about their misunderstanding. If they sold nothing at all, not even as an affiliate where they got paid for selling (referring) a product… they can’t have broken PayPal terms of what you are allowed to sell and what not.

Same for those that only sold soap with no illegal ingredients, graphics in the Minecraft community, their garage goods on eBay as well as those that haven’t even started to use their PayPal account at all.

They all didn’t break PayPal’s terms so in fact… their accounts being limited was a misunderstanding. Will everybody be able to communicate that to PayPal and will PayPal always be able to comprehend spoken words? Sadly, not.

But if your account was limited simply for a misunderstanding a buggy AI/software or human error of PayPal’s staff… keep calling them to get this misunderstanding resolved, if you want your PayPal account and funds back.

You got 180 days until they will return your funds… call them at least 180 days long once per week. That’s just 26 calls and always be nice to them on the phone and keep offering to help them resolve this misunderstanding.

Or… move on and use an alternative solution such as ORU at:

In the end, nobody else can make the choice for yourself, besides yourself.

And yes, a different flawed PayPal staff member might slip over another word you used on your site, adjust and then follow up with them. I learned today that PayPal staff once didn’t like the words “downline builder”. Remove or change them… then follow up with PayPal. Or move on… it is your choice.

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