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Do you give support?

Your question might either be, does Frank Bauer and Marketing Pty Ltd give Support?

Or it might be… should you offer support to your customers?

The answer to both questions is of course a massive YES!

If you plan to be around for a long time, you have to give the best support possible and as fast as possible.

We offer support through our helpdesk at in order to streamline it and prevent support replies getting lost in customers spam boxes etc.

Using a helpdesk also allows us to work with support staff (Virtual Assistant aka VA) to provide first level support and me personally providing second level support (getting the the more complicated questions answered).

During business days we aim to answer all helpdesk tickets within 24 hours.

The technical solution we implemented for our helpdesk is provided by

Discount on the discounts?

Yes, you get discounted domain registration fees at a discount until the end of February over at the Domain Cost Club.

Also, they just added a bunch of additional domain extensions to their large pool of now 225 classic, new, and upcoming TLDs available at-cost for DCC club members… which made me transfer another dozen domains from my old NameCheap account to my new Domain Cost Club account.

Love the annual savings I get for the 74 domains that I now have in my Domain Cost Club account (for now only 21 domains left with NameCheap).

But back to the great news of the Domain Cost Club giving a huge $20 discount on the first year membership fee.

I personally decided to get a lifetime Domain Cost Club Charter membership, but if you prefer a low annual membership instead, this is the best time to get your own Domain Cost Club account right now.

Also, if you are interested to earn some extra cash with the Domain Cost Club… check out all details about their current promotion contest right on their blog!

To Your Success in Business & Life,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer
Director of Marketing Pty Ltd
Frank Bauer

The biggest innovation in downline builders for quiet some time…

Darren Olander & Troy Wray just released a brand new service, that I believe brings the biggest innovation to downline builders that I have seen for quiet some time.

Why is that important for you ?  Glad you asked…

It will really help to drive more people into your downlines!

And the best is… it will, no matter if you just join for free or if you take an optional upgrade.

Why then upgrade at all?

Let me explain the difference in a second, first I need to tell you why even their free service is a must have…

The ability to have your referral links shown to other members referrals is HUGE.  And the whole concept will drive so much activity – people will join you in your programs or if you don’t like a certain program, you can simply trade or sell your position!

Now that was a mouthful and to be honest… I don’t consider myself a master of the written word. So, I recorded a video to show you what I am talking about…

Either way, every slot in the downline builder will give you an advantage, no matter if you are a member of a particular program, or not!

So… no more pressure to join all and no more waste of growth potential… awesome!

Get your own DownlineMaxx account right now!

To Your Success in Business & Life,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer
Director of Marketing Pty Ltd
Frank Bauer


P.S. – Almost forgot to mention, why then consider to upgrade? Simple… DownlineMaxx not only is a innovative & effective downline builder, but it also provides you with advertising exposure… free members get some, but upgraded members get of course a lot more.  :)

Check it out right now!

What do you recommend I get started with for an online business that is easy and simple and low cost and I can use the public library computer?

Let’s assume you want to get your own online business on a budget and you want it as easy and simple as possible, what do I recommend?

Easy & low cost by itself leaves a lot of room for interpretation. What us easy and cheap for one person might be difficult and expensive for another.

But let’s assume you want to keep expenses at zero or as close to zero as possible and you want to not have to learn any program languages, but have have basic computer skills including the ability to write a blog post using WordPress.

Now, before we go into details on how to do this… Let’s find the answer to what to do.

Since we go with a zero or close to zero budget… Paying for a domain, web hosting and an AutoResponder script or service is out of the question. These 3 expenses I would usually consider the bare minimum expenses.

If you do have some money, I will explain later where to get a domain name for $10 per year, web hosting starting at $5 per month and an AutoResponder script at a one-time expense of $67. For a total of $137 for the first year in business… this is miles cheaper then any other way of starting your own business.

Ok, now back to the what to do… what kind of business is the easiest and cheapest to get started with? The answer is simply to become an affiliate for an existing business in a Niche that you have personal interest in.

The reason personal interest is important, is because it will allow you share all kinds of information on that topic that you either already know about or learn about doing online research on that topic.

And within the information that you share online in WordPress blog posts, you simply link (where appropriate) using your own affiliate links to products or services offered by existing online businesses offering topic related products.

The more blog posts you release over time, the more search engine traffic your blog will attract and the more income your affiliate business will generate over time.

The speed at which you go will be 100% up to you… A minimum of one blog post a week, multiple a week, one a day or multiple a day… Whatever paste you choose… Try to keep it as consistent as possible and get into a habit.

As I mentioned before… Ideally you want to start this with above described minimum investment of a domain, web hosting and AutoResponder script and I would suggest to get your domain with DCC if you plan to get a lot of domains or NameCheap, web hosting with OkTeck if you need a dedicated server or ViralHosts and Add2it MailResponder Pro for your autoresponder.

If that’s out of reach, get yourself instead a free blog and a free ViralPLR account to build a mailing list by adding their code into the sidebar of your blog.

That’s the what and how in a nutshell. Hope it helps you get started.

I discovered another way to save on your annual domain fees…

A few days ago I started transferring my domains from to the Domain Cost Club that I mentioned earlier on my bog, allowing me to save $169.41 per year in domain costs and that is now also available at a much lower annual fee.

Yesterday I received an interesting email from that I didn’t expect to receive and that reminded me of an offline way to save yourself heaps in fees for all kinds of things. And as I learned, that method also works online.

Let me first show you the email that I received…


In a nutshell… when I initiated the domain transfer I gave price as reason I am moving the domains and they are now trying to win me back as a customer by voluntarily lowering their annual fees.

Same as with your insurances or credit cards where just mentioning to your current provider that you are shopping around for a better deal will often cause your existing provider to do the exact same for you… same way your domain registration service provider might react the exact same way for you. All you need to do is initiate a transfer to a lower cost service provider and give them price as the reason for you decision to transfer.

After they lowered your prices, you can always move that domain back to your original domain service provider.

As you can see… even these lowered fees are still more expensive then what the Domain Cost Club charges for e.g. .com domains: $7.85 + 5% processing + $0.18 ICANN fee = $8.42

So, even if you don’t plan to save by transferring your domain to the Domain Cost Club to lower your annual domain fees and in addition, have the opportunity to earn recurring commissions in their 4 x 7 forced matrix, knowing this can help you save on domain fees with your existing domain registration service provider.

BTW… even though I recommend never to rely on spillover with any forced matrix based compensation plan (because I usually never receive spillover myself)… Domain Cost Club positively surprised my even in that way as the 2nd & 3rd person in my downline have actually been referred by my upline and not myself.

Your steps to take to save on your own domain expenses will now depend on your current situation…

If you are currently with GoDaddy, make sure that you at the very minimum transfer your domains to or join the Domain Cost Club and transfer them right away there.

If you are currently with another domain registration service provider (they are all more expensive as they don’t offer domain at-cost), join the Domain Cost Club and transfer your domains there.

And if you are already with and decide to not take advantage of the Domain Cost Club at-cost pricing, follow the instructions above to get to lower your current pricing at least a bit. It’s not as low as the Domain Cost Club prices, but some savings are better then none at all, right?

I hope this blog post helps you save a lot money every year and if you like it, please share it with others.

To Your Success in Business & Life,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer

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