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3 Free Traffic Generation Methods You Probably Never Thought Of

You and I both know that without traffic, there’s no sale.

There are many ways of generating traffic, but which one actually works?

There are two main ways you can get traffic:

1) Pay for traffic
2) Get traffic for free (more worked involved usually)

However, paying for traffic might not be for everyone, especially if you’re just starting out and on a shoestring budget.

In this email, I’m going to explain 3 ways you can generate traffic, no matter what your offer is.

These traffic methods can be implemented right now, without paying a single cent.

Here it is:

1. Ebook directory traffic. Using this traffic, you basically take an eBook you own or have private label rights to, and submit it to eBook directories.

Here are a few sites you should submit your free eBook:

On these sites, you’ll normally find a link or button to submit your ebook.

You can submit an ebook around any topic – health, marketing, business, pets and more.

Here’s what you wanna make sure you do. Embed your website or affiliate links throughout the eBook where it fits. You could even place your website on the footer of every page of the ebook.

This method can help you generated about 50-100 visitors a day. It works and it’s free.

On to the next method…

2. The “P.S. exchange”. With this one, you seek and approach those who are already collecting a list of subscribers.

You can find out if he/she is building a list by looking through their sites and blog. Do you see an opt-in form anywhere? Is there a lead capture page?

If they were smart marketers, they would be building a list.

Now, what you do is approach these list owners and ask if they would like to exchange a simple 2-3 line “P.S.” including your URL in one of their existing autoresponder sequence messages.

Use a call-to-action P.S. Here’s an example:


P.S. – Unannounced bonus: Download your free copy of the
XYZ special report to discover 3 easy ways to ____________:


Quite simple, but it makes them take action.

In exchange, you do the same. What’s great about this method is that it’s less of a commitment for the list owner. If you were to approach them and ask to put an entire email in their autoresponder sequence, they may hesitate.

You’re probably thinking, this method only works if you, yourself, have a list. You can exchange in other ways. Perhaps you’ll place his/her banner on your blog for the life of the agreement? In the end, it’s a win/win for everyone.

3. Blog commenting with a bang. Blog commenting isn’t new or revolutionary. It’s been a favored method amongst internet marketers alike.

It is a proven method that helps gain new readers to your own site.

However, one of the biggest mistakes made from people who do blog comment is that they are:

a) Not consistent with blogging on the same blog
b) Not delivering any value in their blog comment.

Let me explain the first – Consistency. Whenever you find a blog that gets lots of traffic (obviously you want to only comment on high-traffic, high-engaging blogs), make sure you bookmark it and always come back to comment whenever there’s a new post.

Not only will you become a “regular”, you’ll also gain trust from the owner’s readers because you do post often.

The next part is to deliver value in your comments.

Most people simply leave a comment like “Thanks for sharing your valuable post. I learned a lot”, or something along those lines.

It’s vague. It adds no value to other readers.

Here’s what you do instead. Read the ENTIRE post. Add 1, 2 or 3 other tips in addition to what the blog post author wrote.

For example, if the post is about “My Top 5 Ways That Helped Relieve Back Pain”. In this context, you would add an extra tip or two that works together with what was presented.

I would add something like “One thing you should also try is to ____________.” to the blog comment.

The author and readers of the blog will appreciate your thoughts/suggestions, and in most cases click on your link to find out more about you.

Think of it as planting seeds. You place a comment, it gets approved and other readers will see your comments. Blog posts stay forever unless the owner shuts the site down.

What you want to do is offer as much value to the community. Think of it as a place where you’re all helping each other. That’s pretty much what it is in the end.

In addition, you want to make sure the blogs you’re commenting on are directly related to your niche.

Aim to blog comment about 5-10 times a day or if that’s too much, 20-30 times a week.

To maximize the traffic you generate, make sure you direct your visitors to your lead capture page. That way, you’ll build your list so then you can follow-up on them anytime.

When it comes to generating free traffic to your website, it’s not that hard.

With anything new you learn, it’s always good to take action while your mind is still fresh.

Not only should you take action, it’s also just as important to stay consistent and persistent with your efforts.

Utilize these three free traffic methods today.

To your success in business & health in life,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer

Director of Marketing Pty Ltd
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The Biggest Advice I Could Give To A Beginner Internet Marketer…

So, you heard about regular people making it big online and you begin to follow your quest to build and run a successful online business.

You purchase every single product out there to learn about online marketing.

It gets overwhelming and you slowly start to drift away from your dreams of running an online business because you feel stuck and don’t know where and who to turn to.

You’re running out of patience, time and also money.

Sounds familiar? Yes, it can get frustrating. I know.


After many years of teaching others how to start and grow their online business, one big problem occurs amongst those who are struggling.

The problem is they are working on TOO MANY things at one time. They lack focus. As a result, they see no or only little progress.

Want to know the secret?


Instead of spreading your focus on multiple projects, focus 100% on just one. That’s it.

There’s really no magic pill to riches.

If you’re putting 10% of your energy to Project A, 20% on Project B, 50% on another and the remainder another project, you’ll eventually get it done BUT you’ll complete them very slowly.

The aim of getting more done is to build momentum. Momentum helps you see progress as you go along.

Think of a challenge like running a marathon. You start at the start line. You then see you’ve reached the quarter mark. You’re pumped. You want to push further and keep on going. You’re progressing.

That’s the exact result of building momentum. It helps you keep going.

Use momentum to your advantage with your projects. One trick is to chunk large tasks into smaller chunks to make it a lot more achievable.

Too many times I see beginners with so many ideas that they don’t even know where to start. “Should I do this, this or this first? Hmmm…”

You don’t want to be in this position where you feel like you have so many ideas that you don’t end up doing any.

Prioritize by brainstorming which of your ideas is going to be the easiest and quickest to implement first. You’ll also want to take profitability into account i.e . – the potential of it making money.

Just because an idea sounds like it’s the next best thing, it’s not always a good idea to stick to it. Having too many ideas on your list will most likely drain you in the end because you’re thinking “How am I ever going to get all this done?”.

What if you simply just had that ONE project to do? How much clearer would you be able to think? It will make it look more feasible and easier to accomplish.

Again, to summarize:

  • Focus on one thing at a time.
  • Build momentum so you can see progress faster.
  • Eliminate ideas.

You want to make money or more money this year? Simplify and focus on one project.

Let me know your thoughts on this subject by placing your comment below. I would love to hear from you.

To your success in business & health in life,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer

Director of Marketing Pty Ltd
Founder of,, &
Co-founder of,,,,, &

Green Light Articles: A User Review

As someone that likes share with others the good, the bad & the ugly, I usually make a point of writing a review when I am either very pleased or very displeased. In this particular case, I must say that I am rather pleased with Green Light Articles, a website that I have been using for a few months now to get content written for my own sites and article directories. To make it quick, I

48 hours free promotion on Amazon

My business partner Aurelius & I just released our first 2 books a few days ago on Amazon.

To celebrate that release, we just started a 48 hour free promotion period on Amazon for the 101 Powerful Motivational Tips: Quick & Easy Motivational Boosters – One Tip At A Time book.

Once that is over we will have another 48 hours free promotion for the Empower Yourself: 200 Self Help Tips On Life, Business, Health And Relationships.


To your success in business & health in life,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer

Director of Marketing Pty Ltd
Founder of,, &
Co-founder of,,,,, &

My New Resources Service To Keep You Organized…

For years now I have been using a custom start page in my browser to keep me organized and get fast to the things I need to see on a daily base, now I just finished a brand new service that gives you the same benefits & more… with zero technical skills!

And the kicker is… not only it’s 100% free, but there is no one-time offer, no up or downsell… it simply is free.

The reason there is nothing to purchase… yet, is because I am looking to get feedback on it first, but let me explain that quickly in this video that I recorded on the way home from the coffee shop…


Give a try and let me know about your thoughts, suggestions and feedback using the comment box below.

BTW… one big questions for you, if what you see now is a Standard account, what should a Pro account look like? What should it offer or provide? And how much do you think would be a reasonable price for that?

Looking forward to read your comments below.

To your success in business & health in life,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer

Director of Marketing Pty Ltd
Founder of,, &
Co-founder of,,,,, &