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Importance of frequency and consistency…

I received today an email reply to an autoresponder message I send out sharing with my subscribers traffic source where the owner allowed me to pass on 50,000 advertising credits for free.

The reply said: “Sorry, I don’t believe in all this traffic crap anyway none of that ever works unless you can show me otherwise!”

Let me share with you what I shared with my subscriber…

With “traffic crap” it is a little bit like rain drops hitting the desert floor.

If you just have an occasional drop here and there, all that will happen is that the water vaporises.

Same with a lot of traffic sources… a single mailing somewhere will give you barely any if not even no results at all.

But if frequency and consistency is applied… those traffic drops can eventually form the Grand Canyon.

Same with traffic sources… I started in July 1996 with less then a handful subscribers and my first newsletter issue on July 1st 1996, see:

With frequency and consistency applied I went from there to here:

Yes… a long time, but well worth it in my opinion.


To Your Success in Business & Life,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer
Director of Marketing Pty Ltd
Frank Bauer


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