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INTERNET MARKETING. Jamie Lewis the Movie: How to get rich.

The story of Jamie Lewis, Sign up here: for coaching. Lawnmower man. Internet Marketing Manifesto. 90 Minutes of POWER…



Mick Malkemus says:

Hey Jamie, I’m your 2,000the subscriber. Can I get an “attaboy”??

Myakamj1 says:

Here my email contact me myron_my@yahoo?

dale ryan says:


beasty513 says:

Entertaining and educational video.

You are are a IM rockstar.

Thanks Jamie.

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Troy Davis says:

Good to someone making an effort aand just being real about all this stuff
instead of all the BS Gurus crap. Well done Jamie, glad I took the time to
watch this video…?

Mark Upshaw says:

Thank you for telling it like it is…too few people understand that it
simply takes focused work to make it happen. ?

Santosh Dwivedi says:

hi friends,try achiving a part of dream,than not achiving anything ,with
the hope hat some day the entire dream will com true(have a very sweet

Marketing Magnate says:

Wow! What a great video. I was hooked from the beginning. Just amazing
content. This was a mesmerizing story that was really captivating and
outlines what is most important in starting your own business…take
responsibility for your own success. ?

StewartPerformance says:

Published on Feb 18, 2013
The story of Jamie Lewis, Lawnmower man. Internet
Marketing Manifesto.

90 Minutes of POWER: A MUST SEE for any serious entrepreneur. The complete
Internet marketing and production manifesto audio recorded LIVE on webinar.

How to get RICH!

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production, software development, manufacturing, dealing with haters,
customer service, management, compliance, lawyers, copyrights, forum
marketing, classifieds, CPA, CPV, all through a 8 year time frame in
extreme detail.
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zakoblivioa says:

Hey Jamie i’m 15 years old and always wanted to get into internet
marketing. Most kids my age ( after school or on weekends ) will go over
friends house of have sex with girls or whatever kids do this day n age.
Anyways i spend lots of time on the internet to find way to make money and
it would help me out a lot if someone like you could stand by my side and
help me.Now we know you don’t haft to help at all but it would push me even
faster with your help. Thanks?

jothi mani says:

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John Webman says:

Wow, can you help me make a few bucks online ? I have been trying for years
and just havent found the way to do it yet ! Please Help !! I can pay for
classes! Any Help would be great !! Love your Video !!
John V.

Will Johnson says:

Yo Jamie my name Is Will Johnson and man i will be buying your 3.0 very
soon when i get payed at my ahh job but man i need to talk to u ASAP u some
how some way changed my life and my way of thinking ny number is 6094185713
it dont matter if its on utube dats how bad i need to talk to u man i got
well well talk one day God Bless

Paulo Neto says:

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david firnstahl says:

I love it!!! If I had 1/1000th of the success I would be jumping for joy!
My wife almost left me because of Internet marketing. I so deeply wish I
could show her some success even if it was a little bit. Any nuggets of
wisdom greatly appreciated. Thanks much bro!

Matthew Neer says:

Pimpin’ ain’t easy

Farhiya Ali says:

i like his video and i all ready listen but, is this really? i wanna make
real money is this true someone help

Bruce Wayne says:

great video….. really inspiration…

Goran Spasic says:

Awesome strategy, damn shame I can’t listen to the audio properly! My dad
has been working from home by using Crib Cash Generator (Google it). We
made $765 in the last 12 hours haha.?

vidhya khadka says:

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wanna be rich easy..?

jesus rodriguez says:

i like this video. true stuff, not bullshit like those fake internet
marketers. I like real people, that keep it real.

Matthew Neer says:

Pimpin’ aint easy ;)?

William Mathieson says:

Hi Jamie, GREAT video. Keep up the good work

Thomas Witek says:

The OG of IM doing it BIG!?

Antonio Burazer says:

Skype ID = ‘razzorsback’ / Antonio Burazer

way thomas says:

Great video looking for Internet marketing let me help you email me

Page Bouse says:

cool vid

UnrealTournamentSERB says:

I hope that I can even make 50$ a day

Marg Longshore says:

Nice video

Florence Thurner says:

COOL VID… keep up the good work?

Yee Islas says:

Great message?people are jumping into this like crazy!!!

Ryan Faison says:

This is an awesome business that is here to stay

Rafaela Zygmont says:

this business is perfect, i can only recommend!

Samatha Pomerleau says:

Your help has gotten me off to a flying start. Thanks!!

Jann Lavole says:

wow amazing training!!

Alex Valassidis says:

whow, cool stuff, regards

Spook SEO says:

I seriously watched the entire video and I don’t always watch videos that
are beyond thirty minutes. You just had me glued to the screen, man. Great
video you have here. Definitely not a waste of my time. I surely got
something out from you today. Really appreciate it.

SiriusBeatTV says:


GamerRadio says:

I felt like I was in your story too.. because I couldn’t get along with
people in the company..

Demetra Emmrich says:

Truly Awesome and Completely Amazing Video….

Myriam Kadar says:

hi man, I just signed up, all I can say is Awesome!!!!!!

The2080Principle says:

Awesome Video Jamie! It’s nice to see someone being authentic… Real
Information… for Real People…

indieurbanmusic says:

See you on tomorrows webinar! Fa Sho

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