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Why the economy is collapsing…

If you have heard Obama’s New Year address this year, you might have thought that the US economy is doing great.

Have a look at this statistic from the FRED…

As you can see, most people (ever) have been helped the economy in January 2000, and right now we are at the almost lowest point since January 2010.

Now, you might say…  maybe, “Maybe more people work these days for the government?”, you might be right… but what does that mean?

If these days more people work for the government, that means more tax money from those working to improve the economy (the civilian labor force) will be used to pay for those that don’t help the economy (government).

So, a decrease in the civilian labor force is bad for the economy, an increase in the governmental labor force is also bad.  Both together is a disaster!

Check out Mike Maloney’s video on this topic…



For more info on the Brexit topic that Mike mentions in this video, click here. The Brexit information if of major importance for anybody that can vote in the UK.

BTW… for those of you in Australia that want to help reduce the size and expense of the goverment that just burns resources and doesn’t help improve the economy, I invite to check out the Liberal Democrats at

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