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This blew me away.

The following experts and celebrities are speaking at Virtual Seminar Week (this November 10th-17th)…

– Jay Abraham
–> Legendary $5000/hour marketing mastermind
– Carlos Marin
–> Recruited & managed sales force of 600,000
– Dr. Joe Mercola
–> Founder of the #1 natural-health site in the world
– Bill Bartmann
–> Billionaire to bankruptcy & back again
– Bob Proctor
–> Modern-day Napolean Hill (Discover -The Secret-)

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– Mark Victor Hansen & Art Linkletter
–> Inspiration, inspiration, & inspiration!
– C.W. Allen
–> Audit-proof strategies for saving up to 67% on taxes
– Harv Eker
–> How to win the inner game of wealth
– David Lakhani
–> Offline tactics that create online sales
– Chris & Janet Attwood
–> How to align and monetize your passion

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– Bill Romanowski
–> Secrets to peak performance (4 Superbowl wins)
– Tellman Knudson & Stephanie Frank
–> Overcoming ADHD at home & work
– Miriam Adler-MacWilliams
–> Discover the truth about options trading
– Paul Colligan
–> How to use podcasts for profit
– Gay & Katie Hendricks
–> Creating love & harmony in relationships

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– Senator Bob Graham
–> The future of National Security from an insider
– Michael Caruso
–> Business success by being a coach instead of a boss
– John Harricharan
–> On the awesome powers of belief & abundance
– Ryan & Angie Tewis, Claude White
–> Low-risk investing in pre-foreclosures
– Marc Allen
–> Lazy person’s guide to wealth and fullfillment

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– Shawn Phillips & John Benson
–> Fitness experts argue about nutrition
– Charlie Page
–> Master copywriter on the future of e-zine marketing
– David McInnis & Marc Harty
–> How to use PR Web for big profits
– Alex Mandossian
–> Triple your profits quickly & easily
– Barbara DeAngelis
–> How to make love all the time (9 million copies sold)

What are you waiting for?

– Kendra Todd
–> 1st female winner of Donald Trump’s Apprentice
– Scott Martineau
–> CEO and founder of Conscious One
– Kathy Smith
–> America’s leading fitness queen
– Dick Desich
–> Living tax-free (from the inventor of self-directed
– Rick Frishman
–> The future of public relations

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– Matt Bacak
–> How to convert your PC into an ATM
– Mystery Guest
–> This man is hard to get!

35 Faculty. 1/2-Price Coupon. Get the full story here:

Note: This is a virtual seminar, not a hotel seminar. A hotel seminar costs thousands of dollars to attend (after travel, hotel, and attendee fee). VSW costs much less because you listen over the phone or web, from the comfort of your own home.

In fact, Virtual Seminar Week costs only $97 to attend — but if you act now, you won’t even pay that price. You see, a $50 coupon is available if you click this link now… claim your coupon here:

Never before have 35 faculty members been assembled for a “virtual” event like Virtual Seminar Week.

Think you can learn from these people? You betcha Think *I* can learn from these people? Absolutely!

Bottom line: I’ll be attending, and you should too.

Here’s the link to click on now & save 50% instantly:

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This 1/2-off coupon is only available during the pre-launch countdown, which ends September 26.

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See you at VSW!

‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe… it can achieve.’
Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

To your success,

Frank Bauer
Owner of &


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