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‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe… it can achieve.’
Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

To your success,

Frank Bauer

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Time to be grateful…


The following I just posted on Sterling Valentine’s blog at … enjoy.

BTW… I absolutely recommend to listen to the recording Sterling did with Mike Filsaime.

Hi Sterling,

Wow…. great call and great content. Loved it and learned a lot.

I have to make a confession… I have been a bad boy! No… not what you think. But I have done big mistakes when it comes to JV’s.

Some of them being e.g. to do last minute approaches, handing out business cards during the World Internet Summit without connecting first to the people I gave them to, I even approached speakers with my JV offer without warming them up much… oooops!

One person that took me up by my offer anyway was Mike Filsaime, I assume because I unknowingly did it right with him… he knew me from before as I promoted many of his sites, gave him testimonials for his great membership sites and bought his Butterfly Marketing package.

It’s kind of funny… (or sad?) I started online a long time before him and when he was just getting started, I was way ahead of the game… well, that was back then. He overtook me like a rocket and now I am looking up to him and try to learn from him as much as I can.

That’s the reason why I also joined his i5Gold mentoring program… he is for me now a person of great example, I admire his success story and can proudly say that he is now my mentor and coach.

If anybody asks me who they should choose as a mentor… I highly recommend Mike’s i5Gold program to them.

Let me share a little story of connected events that lead to where I am now and to what I am now grateful for.

It all starts back then when I was about 15-16 years old… almost 20 years ago.

If I wouldn’t have watched that German 4 part series about some German families and their adventures while being on vacation in the USA, that was shown on TV around Christmas season back when I was about 16, I wouldn’t have had the wish in my head of one day going to the USA for a 4 weeks+ vacation myself.

If I wouldn’t have went to the USA when I was 22 years old and worked 2 1/2 years there in an operating center of a German military base near Washington, D.C. (German Armed Forced Command USA & Canada in Reston, Virginia), I wouldn’t have meet my wife Luisa.

If I wouldn’t have went my wife Luisa, we wouldn’t have our son Nico, that we both love and adore, together and she wouldn’t have given me the idea and persistence to move to Australia.

If I wouldn’t have moved to Australia, I wouldn’t have met Mike in person during the World Internet Summit seminar.

If I wouldn’t have met Mike in person, I wouldn’t have joined the i5Gold program… and I would be writing this now.

I am so grateful for that simple TV show that placed that idea into my head, that lead me to the USA, that made me meet & marry my wife, that brought us our son and moved us to Australia where I finally met Mike in person and join the i5 group.

If anybody asks me now… what helps me the most to get forward in your online business, I would definitly say it is JV’s and attending offline events.

I just wish I would have attended offline events a lot earlier. Last March, the WIS here in Sydney Australia was the very first I ever attended.

When I left the US back in March 1996 (after living in Virigina for 2 1/2 years), I was getting started online… and I didn’t even know that there is such a think as this seminars.

When I was living in Germany… my excuse was always that traveling to the US to attend those events was outside my budget.

Now that I moved to Sydney, Australia… I finally was able to attend one (I run out of excuses)… and it was simply GREAT!

This is the time where I have to give a BIG thank you to a very good online buddy of mine, for many years already, that gave me the greatest gift of all last Christmas.

Bruce Gibson from Queensland, Australia, owner of many web sites like gave me the the very best Christmas present I could think of. He contacted me shortly before Christmas… and invited me to the WIS (World Internet Summit).

At first I was speachless… felt like I couldn’t accept such a gift, but luckily he had been the second best JV partner / affiliate during the firesale I had shortly before and earned big big commission check… which made it a lot easier for me to accept that gift.

One day in the future… I WILL also attend JVLive, the BIG Seminar and all the other great events in the US. Hey… maybe they even come to Australia one day (hint, hint Ken & Armand).

Three last words…

1. Ken, thank you for your great feedback to my silly mistake when I send a JV offer through JVAlert a couple of weeks ago.

2. Sterling, thank you for this great inspirational (spelling?) blog that you provided.

3. Mike, thank you for being my mentor and coach… I owe you a lot! Just let me know how ever, when ever I can help you.

‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe… it can achieve.’
Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

To your success,

Frank Bauer

PS: Who ever finds a spelling mistake can keep it free of charge. Mike… your typos always made me feel good… thank you.

An important online marketing lesson learned offline…


I want to quickly share with you an online marketing lesson that I was reminded of today offline…

Normally I do weekly data backups onto my external FireWire Iomega Rev drive. But not yet this week as my drives power supply was busted. BTW… this is the second power supply of an Iomega drive that I know of that broke… the same happened to my brother ( … hi Andre’, if you read this, say hello to Gabi and the kids).

Still… I do like that drive for backups, I just wish their power supply would be as good as the drive.

Since I bought my drive through eBay (no warranty), I drove to Powerhouse in Parramatta today to quickly pick up a new one… 5 Volt & 1 Ampere, how hard can that be.

Well… they didn’t have it in stock and recommended another store to me to get it. I have to admit I was listening not very closely, anyway… by the time I arrived at the intersection they told me to drive to, I had forgotten the name of the store. I looked around, saw a bike store, a car parts store and yes… there was a computer store.

I entered the tiny computer store and asked the mate inside for the power supply. Nope… he doesn’t sell power supplies like that he replied. Hmmm… I told him somebody in Powerhouse told me to check in his store and he replied: “Did you check in Jaycar?”

Hmmm… Jaycar? The car parts store? I didn’t think they would have power supplies, but thanked the computer store employee and left for Jaycar. On the way there I kept wondering why a car parts store would have power supplies… but since it was recommended, I went there.

When I entered Jaycar… I was completely surprised! That wasn’t a car parts store at all, but an electronics store. Hey… and they had the right power supply for “only” Au $29.95!

When I told the mate at the register about my misunderstand, he nodded and explained to me how the name of the store came from the name of the original owner of the store.

I told him that their store name is misleading and they should at least place a sub header under their store name on the outside (yes, silly me used the term sub header). He said they do… and when I left I saw that electronics where mentioned in smaller letters under the store name.

What can we learn from this? If their store name would had at least said “Jaycar Electronics” or similar, I would have went straight there. I am pretty sure they are loosing business this way.

And the same is true for our online web businesses, if our URL, product or service name and web page headlines are not telling the visitor exactly what they can expect from us and what we are delivering to them.

What do you think about this?

‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe… it can achieve.’
Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

To your success,

Frank Bauer

Now what? Taking Action!


Again, this weekend I attended the Internet Millionaire’s Protege Bootcamp here in the Telstra Stadion in Sydney, Australia.

The following 30 day action plan has been provided by Scott Patom, the Dean of Blogonomics and Podology at his Sydney Internet Millionaire’s Protege Bootcamp…

Derek Gehl gave you a 30 day action plan. Here it is:Step One – PLAN
1. List 5 hobbies, interests or areas of expertise.
2. Brainstorm a list of keywords and phrases related to those hobbies and interests.
3. Research those keywords in Wordtracker to locate problem statements that have high search results and low competition.
4. Research those problem statements further to determine if you can develop a product to solve the problem stated.
5. Find or create a product to sell based on your research.
6. Write a long-copy salesletter for that product.
7. Register a domain and set up a hosting account.
8. Register for a merchant account (to set up quickly, use PayPal…
9. Set up a simple web site using an automatic site builder or pay to have someone set it up for you.

Step Two – PREPARE
10. Set up an opt-in form on your web site to collect e-mail addresses.
11. Build an extensive keyword list based on the initial list of keywords you developed.
12. Submit those keywords to Overture and FindWhat to start driving traffic to your site right away.
13. Optimize and submit your web site to organic search engines (Google, Altavista, etc.).
14. Continue to test and tweak your web site until it meets your target conversion rate.
15. Set up an affiliate program on your web site.
16. Approach complementary web sites to sign up as affiliates to promote your product.
17. Start publishing a monthly newsletter.
18. Submit articles to related newsletters and e-zines on a regular basis.

Step Three – PROMOTE
19. Continue developing a content-rich web site to further increase search engine rankings.
20. Once keywords have been tested in Overture, roll out in Google AdWords.
21. Roll out tested keyword list in other major PPCs.
22. Create a viral eBook to generate more leads.
23. Have an expert review and critique your web site.
24. Survey your existing customers to find out what other products or services they are looking for.
25. Create or find backend products and market them through your e-mail list.
26. Continue to test and tweak your web site and offers.
27. Repeat process to create “Multiple Streams of Income.”

Keep Blogging and Podcasting!

Scott Paton
Dean of Blogonomics and Podology

P.S. 4 Steps to Online Success…

A) Find a large and easy-to-reach target market
Find a product or service the market wants
C) Have a GREAT sales process
D) Backend, backend, and then backend again

Email Whitelisting and Spam


This weekend I attended the Internet Millionaire’s Protege Bootcamp here in the Telstra Stadion in Sydney, Australia.

The following GREAT tips to make 100% sure YOUR emails reach ALL the receiver have been provided by Scott Patom, the Dean of Blogonomics and Podology at his Sydney Internet Millionaire’s Protege Bootcamp…


Here are the whitelisting sites Derek Gehl mentioned today: