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Integration Marketing: How Small Businesses Become Big Businesses and Big Businesses Become Empires

PRAISE FOR Integration Marketing

“The most important book of the year.”


John Chancellor "Mentor coach" says:

Save Your Money Unless marketing is totally new to you, you have heard of and probably used all the concepts discussed in this very short book. Mark does try to stake out new territory by assigning new names to old concepts. But even then he discusses the concepts in very general terms. He talks about the what to do but never really gets around to specifics of how to do what he is talking about.The book opens up by asking you to go to his website and complete five steps to see the Integration…

The Marketing Guy Who Drives Sales -r says:

Great idea but not worthy of a book How does one start a critical analysis of a short marketing book that contains many paragraphs that are one sentence long and that starts out promising to show the reader how to turn their small business into a big business or their big business into an empire but by the end of the book is claiming that this marketing method will also help end war and improve the chances of global human survival? (Seriously, I could not make this up.)If you are an experienced marketer and you are…

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