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What do you recommend I get started with for an online business that is easy and simple and low cost and I can use the public library computer?

Let’s assume you want to get your own online business on a budget and you want it as easy and simple as possible, what do I recommend?

Easy & low cost by itself leaves a lot of room for interpretation. What us easy and cheap for one person might be difficult and expensive for another.

But let’s assume you want to keep expenses at zero or as close to zero as possible and you want to not have to learn any program languages, but have have basic computer skills including the ability to write a blog post using WordPress.

Now, before we go into details on how to do this… Let’s find the answer to what to do.

Since we go with a zero or close to zero budget… Paying for a domain, web hosting and an AutoResponder script or service is out of the question. These 3 expenses I would usually consider the bare minimum expenses.

If you do have some money, I will explain later where to get a domain name for $10 per year, web hosting starting at $5 per month and an AutoResponder script at a one-time expense of $67. For a total of $137 for the first year in business… this is miles cheaper then any other way of starting your own business.

Ok, now back to the what to do… what kind of business is the easiest and cheapest to get started with? The answer is simply to become an affiliate for an existing business in a Niche that you have personal interest in.

The reason personal interest is important, is because it will allow you share all kinds of information on that topic that you either already know about or learn about doing online research on that topic.

And within the information that you share online in WordPress blog posts, you simply link (where appropriate) using your own affiliate links to products or services offered by existing online businesses offering topic related products.

The more blog posts you release over time, the more search engine traffic your blog will attract and the more income your affiliate business will generate over time.

The speed at which you go will be 100% up to you… A minimum of one blog post a week, multiple a week, one a day or multiple a day… Whatever paste you choose… Try to keep it as consistent as possible and get into a habit.

As I mentioned before… Ideally you want to start this with above described minimum investment of a domain, web hosting and AutoResponder script and I would suggest to get your domain with DCC if you plan to get a lot of domains or NameCheap, web hosting with OkTeck if you need a dedicated server or ViralHosts and Add2it MailResponder Pro for your autoresponder.

If that’s out of reach, get yourself instead a free blog and a free ViralPLR account to build a mailing list by adding their code into the sidebar of your blog.

That’s the what and how in a nutshell. Hope it helps you get started.


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