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Hot Summer Meet-Up Update

Wow… 35 degree


Brian Baulch says:

Hey Frank sounds awsome, taking virurl to the next level, all great things come to those who wait, lam glad l waited, have a great tip frank in Hong Kong with family.

Edmund Loh says:

Hey Frank!

I’ll be seeing you there! I also blogged about the meet up at my own IM blog:

This will be the… 4th time in my life I’ll be seeing you right?

Ramesh says:

Dear Brother In Christ Glory to God . My name is Pr. Timothy, doing village and church Ministry in a small rural village a part of , Tamil Nadu, South India. By the grace of God and His blessings, He is helping us to run and maintain the church and family. We too shall pray for you and your ministry. May God use you more richly in His Service and ministry. God Bless You. Thank you once again for your prayers. With lots of prayers, wishes and love. Pastor. Timothy

Lisa Lomas says:

I love Napoleons Quotes, Hope your heat wave is over soon.

Jan says:

Hi Frank wich is the best to follow Twitter or a converter ViralTwitter’
Thanks Frank.

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