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Email Follow Up – The Single Most Important Ability For Internet Marketers

There is no doubt, being able to follow up with your prospects & customers is the single most important ability you absolutely need to have as an Internet Marketers.

There are several services out there that promise to do that for you… Aweber & GetResponse being the two most known services.

Now, those two got major competition. A few days ago I was able to look in detail into a new autoresponder service that’s available. So what does that tell you about the state of play of the existing services?

If all was lightness and good then new services wouldn’t stand a chance and wouldn’t even bother starting up.

The fact is, of the #1 and #2 AR services out there, they both have some major disadvantages.

That’s the voice of many people who have expressed an opinion in their favorite marketing forums.

I personally use what’s recognized as the #1 service – Aweber – but I’ve not been happy with what they have done a while ago.

Yes, they’ve added new features, but at a very hefty price tag. The features just aren’t good enough to warrant that additional price.

As a result, many new customers have signed up with the #2 – GetResponse – who have introduced new features, but then disappointed everybody as they don’t work.

Of course there is the alternative of using self-hosted autoresponder script like e.g. Add2it MailResponder Pro for the use with niche sites, but if you are like me running sites with an average daily email volume of over 1,000,000 emails, then you start looking for services providers that can take load of your server.

Also, while self-hosted autoresponder scripts are a great, low cost way to get started (one-time fee instead of monthly service fees), at some point you outgrow those solutions. If you are e.g. on a shared web server and want to email more then 30,000 emails a day, you either need to upgrade to a dedicated server or switch to a service provider.

Imagine my delight when when one of my long time buddies, Richelo Killian, surprises me with “Hey! Have you seen my new autoresponder service?”

Meeting with Richelo Killian


Frank Bauer says:

BTW… I just got two updates from Richelo.

1. A new, much improved interface is coming out (probably in January). First, click here to take a look at the current interface.

Then have a look at the new version sneak peek by clicking here.

2. All prices are going up by 15% as soon as the new version comes out, BUT, you will be locked into the current price for life if you signup now.

But even at the new price, it’s still a lot better deal then you get with e.g. Aweber.

Best regards,

Frank Bauer

Marcia says:

Hi Frank -This is very timely as a am a newbie getting ready to set up a list and I have been put off by the cost of the big A (and some other issues I have read about).
I guess my 2 big concerns (besides the deliverability which is addressed on the website) are:
1. Ease of setting up the html code/subscription form for a website (I see there is a WP plugin) since I am not a techie.
2. Can you make an unlimited number of different lists (within the total number of your plan).
Thank you for your help.

Brian Baulch says:

Is it advisable to always use double optin a auto responder that has a option to do single optin?

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