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Do you give support?

Your question might either be, does Frank Bauer and Marketing Pty Ltd give Support?

Or it might be… should you offer support to your customers?

The answer to both questions is of course a massive YES!

If you plan to be around for a long time, you have to give the best support possible and as fast as possible.

We offer support through our helpdesk at in order to streamline it and prevent support replies getting lost in customers spam boxes etc.

Using a helpdesk also allows us to work with support staff (Virtual Assistant aka VA) to provide first level support and me personally providing second level support (getting the the more complicated questions answered).

During business days we aim to answer all helpdesk tickets within 24 hours.

The technical solution we implemented for our helpdesk is provided by


Brenda says:

I was looking at your website and noticed it appears the word “Awefull” is spelled wrong. I had similar problems on my site until someone mentioned it to me and I also now use software from to keep my site error free.

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