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I have two videos for you that share the 3 top reasons for using CAPG2!


How are you doing? I wanted to quickly share 2 videos with you. The first I just created myself is 15 minutes long and the second one from Marlon Sanders is 4 1/2 minutes long.

The topic… The top 3 reasons for using high quality graphics on your web pages, blogs, squeeze pages, splash pages, on eBay and anywhere else.

The top 3 reasons to check Aurelius Tjin’s Copy And Paste Graphics 2 brand new package out are…

Reason #1: Save time

With a lot of the hard work done already, you will be able to simply select the graphics you want for your site(s) without wasting time creating yor own graphics.

Most of the graphics included don’t require programs like Photoshop.

Aurelius has included the “blanks” to ecovers, headers, minisites etc so you can simple add their own text using any type of graphics software.

Reason #2: Save money

A lot of the graphics that are in this package contains most of the essential pieces of graphics needed on a salesletter. Buttons, bullets, seals & badges, minisites, header graphics and more. This saves you money from hiring a graphics designer unless you want something specific.

Reason #3: Converts more readers to buyers

Might sound like a cliche nowadays but it’s true. I found this video from Marlon Sander’s where he talks about “Does graphics sell more?”. Check it out here:

Also according to his split-test, graphics do convert more and I can conform this from my own tests as well. It just depends how you use graphics.

Too much graphics and flashy widgets can “distract” visitors from your site as Marlon says.

This is what I told Aurelius right after I reviewed his complete package…

“Wow… you really put together a great selection of graphics in your package.

It’s a huge time and money saver to have access to this suite of graphic files…

Before I always had to either create my own graphics which took me a lot of time as I am not a graphics wiz or artist. And my own results where… well, ok I guess, but certainly not great.

Or I had to outsource the graphics creation and paid big bugs for it. I remember the last time I paid $222. Yikes!

This package will help me save on both, my time as well as my money. Besides that, my own split testing confirmed that using professional graphics on my sales pages most of the times improves the sales page conversion. Another reason to use them.

Thanks a lot Aurelius!”

His very first Copy Paste Graphics package that he releast shortly before Christmas 2006 was already a huge success and extremely popular… this time he created a package, dozens of times better.

Now, do yourself a favor, click here and check out why I am not the only one that is raving about this package at Copy And Paste Graphics 2!

‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe… it can achieve.’
Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

To your success,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer

Owner of &

PS: Will I see you at the World Internet MEGA Summit May 26th to 29th in Singapore? Aurelius & will be there. I hope to see you there as well!

But for now… click here and check out why I am not the only one that is raving about this package at Copy And Paste Graphics 2!


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