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Is Butterfly Marketing right for you?

Frank Bauer here… take just 2 minutes to read my short report and discover how you can save up to $1,977 in real hard cash!

To let you know right away… the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript has been part of the Butterfly Marketing Home Study Course (which includes the famous Butterfly Marketing software script) that Mike Filsaime started selling on the 31st of January and it is an absolute must for everybody that wants to greatly improve his or her online success!

I personally bought the complete home study course on the first day of its launch for $997 and two upgrades since then for $500 each and can highly recommend it to anybody that wants to make good money on the Internet.

My very first Butterfly Marketing site, the Add2it Go-To System, that I created generated close to US $1,000 in sales within the first 24 hours of the launch. After 7 days that increased to about US $1,700 and at the end of month #1 I had sales over US $5,000.

The site generates sales every single day since the launch, even during my 10 days vacation to Ayers Rock, Northern Territory and tropical Cairns, Queensland / Australia they never stopped generating sales.

Within just 80 days I had US $11,599 in sales. And the best… there is no sign of it slowing down, in fact it is growing as I implement the strategies and techniques you teach in the manuscript as well as on the CD’s. Also… the second Butterfly Marketing based site that I build with a business partner generated over $1,300,000 in sales in just a little over 18 month time.

Speaking of the audio recording CD’s… they are fantastic. I have listened to them over and over in my car. Especially the recordings with Rich Schefren, Mark Joyner and Michel Fortin are pure gold.

I also want to mention the extremely helpful peer to peer members only forum. The people in there have build a great, caring community that supports each other in any possible way.

Take a look at what is included in the complete home study course…

Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing Home Study Course

Pic.1: My copy of Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing Home Study CourseIt comes with the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript, two DVD video presentations, six audio interview CD’s, a CD with very interesting MP3 recordings and access the Butterfly Marketing software script that I just used to launch my new Add2it Go-To System site at

Check out the Butterfly Marketing Home Study Course.

Now… after hearing all this you might wonder, can the manuscript on its own really help you?

Let me give you an example of somebody that didn’t use the Butterfly Marketing script, but used what he learned in the manuscript to create a web site that earned him $63,249 in sales in just 24 hours and over $200,000 in 7 days.

The individual that was able to generate this huge results is Michael Cheney with his web site and you can see his testimonial on the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript page.

Also, take a look at James Grandstaff’s Video Proof that shows how using the Butterfly Marketing system worked for him.

Can you now see the potential power of the manuscript alone? It makes all the sense in the world to use the tactics and strategies shared in this manuscript in any online business.

I would go as far as to say that the most important information of the home study course is included in the printed manuscript that you can see on the upper right side of the above picture.

And this is exactly what you get your hands on right now for free (there is a small s/h fee)…

Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing Manuscript

Pic.2: The printed copy of Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing Manuscript PDF document) I have read “The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript” several times from cover to cover…

And I can tell you this from the heart. I have read ‘literally’ hundreds of books on marketing and I can honestly say…

“This book is a MUST HAVE resource for every single person that markets online.”

The reason:

It is NOT a glossed over book on everything from Adwords to Adsense, copywriting etc…

What it is, is the STANDARD in Viral Marketing, Recurring Revenue, and massive List Building, that anyone that calls themselves an online marketer must read.

I feel it is important for me to let you know of information that you can use right now to help you in your CURRENT business.

This is it. If you do not get it, then, that says it…

You don’t get it.

But if you do… then go here now. Get it now. Read it now…

Click here to get your hands on Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing Manuscript.

But before you do so… here is my secret tip:

You can get right now the complete Butterfly Marketing Home Study Course for FREE (again, a small s/h fee applies)! This way you can save $1,977 of what I paid for the physically shipped Butterfly Marketing Home Study Course. Cool, right?

One final word for those that only want the manuscript alone…

Who this book is for – if you have a product, or can get one made, if you have a website or will have one very soon selling a product, then I strongly recommend you get Mike’s book. Mike’s strategies can be plugged into any online business selling information. In other words Mike’s strategies will help you make a lot more out of your business than you are right now. But if you don’t have a website selling a product and have no plans to develop one then I suggest you pass on this. you might want to start your business first.

I am looking forward to hear soon about your greatly increased online success.

‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe… it can achieve.’
Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

To your success,

Frank Bauer

Director of Marketing Pty Ltd
Owner of &
Co-founder of

PS: Would you like a System that… Protects all of your affiliate links, Tracks Conversions to sales, Doubles, Triples, Quadruples conversion rates?

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Andy Beard says:

Frank, are you paying someone to hit me with comment spam?

Frank Bauer says:

Hi Andy,

Nope… nobody gets paid to hit you with comment spam. What makes you think so?

Best regards,

Frank Bauer

Andy Beard says:

Hi Frank

For the second time I received a comment pointing through to one of your posts, and it wasn’t signed by you, which I found unusual.

The last comment was actually on one of my posts related to Butterfly marketing, and pointed to this post with the author / anchor text of “Butterfly Marketing”

Now if you had left the comment yourself, I am not too worried about sharing a little link juice with other marketers, but it looked like someone might have been hired to SEO some of your posts and wasn’t doing it ethically.

Frank Bauer says:

Hi Andy,

I read that particular blog post… I will also be in San Francisco in 12 days. Let’s talk there.

Best regards,

Frank Bauer

Kent says:

Hmm…i got the same blog comment from you,Frank.

You have some latest blog comments software to do this?

Hope to hear from you.

Frank Bauer says:

Hi Kent,

I don’t use blog commenting software and would not recommend to use it.

Only a blog comment left by a real person is a good blog comment.

Best regards,

Frank Bauer

codygman says:

Hey frank,

great post.

I actually took advantage of this software, and setup a site. I made $27 in the first few days

I’m loving the script thus far.

Future iPods says:

Butterfly Marketing is a complete marketing package. It includes training books, ebooks, cd’s, and dvd’s as well as a web script to put it all together.

Computer Repair Service says:

I’m terrible at the yo yo, but this site may prove useful to you. I remember when I was a kid, all the yo yo teams would go around, and we’d see one once a year. That was awesome. Good luck in your endeavors!

Computer Repair Service says:

We cannot predict how this simple system of balls and strings will behave over time because we will always have errors in our measurements of how the system starts and these errors’ effects grow over time so that the balls starting a smidgen to the right vs a smidgen to the left will look totally unrelated as time goes on.

Computer Repair Service says:

When we lose our jobs or lose our status the thing to remember is not to get upset, become bitter or resentful, or lash out and blame others. After we have dried our tears, we have to bounce back, accept the loss, reinvent ourselves and move on.

Computer Repair Service says:

When we find ourselves in this situation we have to plan our career. Career planning is a deliberate process of knowing WHO we are so that we can be sure WHERE we want to go or WHAT we want to be at some defined point in the future.

Computer Repair Service says:

If you are serious about starting a butterfly farm, then you should be aware that, like any business, it is a serious process that requires planning, effort, time, and money.

Computer Repair Service says:

What is butterfly marketing/manuscript and why do sooo many people use it/make money off of it?

Computer Repair Service says:

What is butterfly marketing/manuscript and why do sooo many people use it/make money off of it???????

graphic art says:

I think that Butterfly Marketing Package and also the Manuscript so that you appreciate what opportunities are currently presented to you.

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