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Is This A Fabulous Deal?


Think back a bit… Not too far – about two years.

In January, 2006 we saw one of the biggest and most successful Internet Marketing product launches this niche has ever seen – for a product that has been responsible for changing the way more people do business on the internet than any other product to date. And that includes me!

Jogging your memory?

Yes! I am referring to Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing Software and Home Study Course. And yes! It’s changed MY life and the way I do business online as well.

Even after two years, it still amazes me how many new sites launch using the software, and how many marketers still credit Mike’s course for their success.

If you recall, the entire package launched at about a thousand dollars, that’s what I spend back then.

Then it went up to it’s current price of $1497.00. Even though this is WELL worth the investment, it was out of reach for many people, maybe you too?

Now, if you are one of those people that would LOVE to get your hands on this package, but can’t afford the current price, then I have some great news for you!

It seems Mike has a small stash of “slightly damaged” copies of the package… you know, stuff that maybe fell on the floor and got the CD cases scuffed, or maybe bent up the manuscript cover; things of that nature.

If you don’t mind that kind of thing, then there’s a way I can get you a copy at a drastically reduced price – like about 46% off the $1497 price tag.

Would saving $700 excite you? Click here!

Why would Mike let them go for almost half off? Well, to be honest, he wouldn’t feel right about calling a scuffed or bent product new. At the same time, this helps get his very powerful package into more hands, creating more success stories he can point to.

But personally, I could care less. What it means is YOU get to save $700 and get it for less then I personally paid for it!

Like I said – it’s the deal of the year.

Was it worth the investment for me? Let me share with you the result of just my last site created with the Butterfly Marketing Software and following Mike’s teachings…

You might know that site… I created it together with my partner Colin Klinkert, the System.

It generated US $124,435 in sales within the first 84 days. A great extra income stream.

Gross Sales

And that’s just my last site created with the Butterfly Marketing Software. I am sure you can see now why I and many others are so excited about it.

And the best… as we implement the strategies and techniques Mike teaches in the manuscript as well as on the CD’s of his home study course, the results are getting better and better as you can see on our Alexa graph…

Alexa Ranking

Speaking of the audio recording CD’s… they are fantastic. I have listened to them over and over in my car. Especially the recordings with Rich Schefren, Mark Joyner and Michel Fortin are pure gold.

Click here to grab it for yourself before Mike runs out of discounted copies!

‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe… it can achieve.’
Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

To your success,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer

Owner of

P.S – I almost forgot… Mike also pays the shipping charges for you. Whether you’re in the US, or anywhere else in the world – it’s covered.

P.P.S – As if the package value isn’t enough… Mike also throws in almost every product he has ever created as an unadvertised bonus. If you added them all up, you would pay more than what you’re getting this entire package for…


Jen, writer says:

I know of Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing Software and Home Study Course but I’ve never really seen a result of it as concrete and as concise as yours. What many people strive to achieve in a year, you got in the first 84 days! It’s mind blowing, I tell you. People who are looking to get into online marketing or those who are stuck in a rut should definitely take advantage of this opportunity!

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