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Please pass this Yahoo Chat Fraud Warning on!!!


Please warn everybody with a Yahoo account not to trade e-Gold with anybody without being 100% sure the person on the other side is REALLY the person claimed to be… even if it looks like it’s a Yahoo buddy you know!

I fell for this a few weeks ago and lost $140… now I saw that the same fraud attempt was tried on two of my online buddies.

Please warn everybody!

In the case of my online buddies they where luckily out of e-Gold funds… the person used in their case MY Yahoo identity when he or she asked my buddies via Yahoo Messanger.

They said it looked like I was IM them they said.

It could be that the frauder either figured out my Yahoo password… or he or she was a tool to fake my identity…. anyway I changed my Yahoo password yesterday.

In my case… I was the dummy (yes, you can laugh now) that paid $140 via eGold after I received $160 via PayPal… a week later PayPal got the money back.

And eGold doesn’t react to my requests to return the transaction.

Please pass this warning on to everybody using Yahoo Messanger or any other tool like Gaim that allows you to chat with Yahoo Messanger users.
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To your success,

Frank Bauer


John White says:


It’s going on the second day now since I purchased your Townhome Firesale and still NO download info. Please check your “support” email areas and get the info to me.



Admin comment: Has been taken care of.

neda says:

I need some help my husbands name has been hacked into what do i do

graphic art says:

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