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State Of The Art Mailer Review

After several month delay, the State Of The Art Mailer of Jaye Pause & Brad Webb was finally been launched (aka SOTAM).

During their over 3 month of pre-launch, over 9,000 members joined already and Jaye asked me already back then to promote their pre-launch, the reason I didn’t was simply that I don’t like to promote the “cat in the box”.

Now that their system is ready, I was not only able to check it out for myself, but also interviewed Jaye & Brad on the details of their proprietary new traffic generating system.

Let’s jump right in…

Me: Ok, so on login the system lets you surf 5 pages. One way to generate traffic for members?

Jaye: Yes, when a new member signs up at the index page, then they go through the hyper linked viral ads system (5 links).

The system is completely viral, and members that upgrade get incredible exposure.

So, as


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