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The Next Internet Millionaire Episode One – Now Online!


It is a rare opportunity to see history unfold before our very eyes.

In 1990 – Tim Berners-Lee creates the World Wide Web

In 1993 – The Mosaic web browser is released… The Internet is on the rise

In 2000 – Survivor is on television and the reality TV crave begins

In 2002 – American Idol hits the airwaves and reality programming numbers surge to tens of millions of viewers

In 2005 – YouTube launches and eventually is purchased by Google for $1.65 Billion

and now…

The Next Internet Millionaire

‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe… it can achieve.’
Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

To your success,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer

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Frank Bauer says:

I enjoyed the first episode… yeah, the sound quality could have been better, but at least there where subtitles for those parts.

The comment on “The Next Internet Millionaire” site that everybody should have worn their own microphone was spot on… but of course now two late was the shooting has been finished.

Some people here complained about the lack of educational value to the viewer… I can’t agree with that.

Here are the takeaways I noticed in episode one…

1. In order to get a JV, presentation skills are important… you need to be able to quickly and clearly communicate to a potential JV partner.

2. To be successful with anything we do, we need to follow the law of straight lines and stay 100% focused on what’s important to achieve our goals.

3. When working in a team, individual skills need to be taken into consideration. Brute force leadership as well as wimpy leadership will not get the best results.

And I am sure there is even more then those 3 examples.

Anyway… I am looking forward to see the next episode.

Best regards,

Frank Bauer

Brad Codd says:

If you’ve been reading the comments on Joel’s blog entries you’ll remember that I’m the guy who
has taken on the challenge of beating the Next Internet Millionaire by acting as a shadow

I’ve reviewed this weeks episode and posted my solution to my blog located at:

Check it out and let me know what you think by posting a comment.

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