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How Can Facebook Help Your Business?

Linkedin has been a popular place to promote your business, but many are realizing the value of Facebook, which is growing very quickly, becoming a place for businesses as well as business professionals alike, who have created a strong presence. There are over 30 Facebook applications that will help you communicate, network, promote, collaborate and most of all, accomplish more with your business.

I will list a few of the business applications that you need to take a look at, and hopefully put to good use.

Business and Self Promotion
Define Me: This application allows you to anonymously list words that defines you. These descriptive words will be displayed in a word cloud on your profile. This will allow others to take a closer look at who you are and what you offer.

IEndorse: I am sure you know by now how valuable a good testimony is for your business, building the value and reputation. This app allows other Facebook users to endorse your company as well as find it through the IEndorse database.

Want to Promote A Blog?

Networked Blogs application: This will show up in your boxes tab or on your profile, displaying your blogs as well as those you like to read. This will promote your blogs as well as the blogs of others.

RSS Connect: You know how beneficial RSS Feeds are, and this way your RSS can be on your profile, or better yet, have its own tab on your profile.

Notes: This is a default application found on the right side of the profile page. You can add your RSS feed and keep tabs on your friend’s RSS feeds. Every time you update your blog, the article will will show up in your feed.

Need For Communication

Telephone: This is a great app that allows you to call your Facebook buddies for free. If you don’t feel like calling them, then send an instant message or leave a voice message. This technology is provided by babyTel, and is totally free.

SmartMessageCenter: This smart tool allows you to send a message to an individual or a bunch of messages to to groups of people, and you get a message back. This is great for gathering info and then organize it onto a single page. You can then export the message as a RSS, PDF, or XLS file.

Voice Mail: You can have voice enable wall posts, voice messaging, and voice chat. You get to add the benefits of sound to your profile, or just allow someone to leave you a voice message.

The Power of Networking

Introductions: Need to introduce yourself but not sure how? This application will assist you in that.

SocialFly: This is a great tool to help you keep tabs of, manage, and set up reminders for your contact list. This can be used for personal or business contacts, or both.

My Linkedin Profile: Your Linkedin profile will be displayed as a badge on your Facebook profile.

Tag Biz Business Network: This puts a tag cloud on your profile with descriptive tags of your business and of your participating friends.

Project Management and Collaboration

We all know how important collaboration is for any business, and there are a couple of Facebook applications that can help with that.

My Office: This is a virtual office that can get everyone on the project on the same page, allowing the sharing of documents, keeping track of tasks, and so much more.

Some other applications you may be interested in checking out are My Money; a online banking app that is great for a small business or individual. If you are looking to create your own, easy to remember Facebook address, you can do it with Memorable Web Address for Profile, Page or Group.

Facebook has really begun to shine in the business world, becoming a household and office name. You can pretty much run your business directly from your Facebook profile, how about that! You can collaborate, have conference calls, create documents, share apps, and keep track of all your contacts. You are in a new age where more and more options are available, and there will be many more yet to come.

‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe… it can achieve.’
Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

To your success,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer

Publisher of the Blogletter


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