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Get a free copy of Mark Joyner’s #1 bestseller, The Great Formula!

A few years ago the internet marketing legend Mark Joyner aka Godfather of Internet Marketing (… and Singapore Chilli Crab eating expert ) set out to uncover a hidden mystery, how every business fortune on earth had been made…

Mark Joyner is strangling me!  ;)

… by strangling me. Oops… no, let me get back on topic…

This was no small mission, but then… as you can see above, Mark is no ordinary man.

Like me he used to be several years in the military, and using his years of military training and sheer determination he finally succeeded.

He shared this information in a book, The Great Formula, that fast became a No.1 bestseller. Here I am holding my hard cover copies of Mark’s books…

Holding all of Mark Joyner's books

… The Great Formula is the second from the top, the orange-yellow book.

Now he is releasing this same book as an ebook for gratis. That is free for you, nada, gratis, nothing to pay!

All you need to do is go and collect it. Mark told me that he isn


Kristi Sayles says:

I can’t believe Mark’s just giving the ebook away! I have the hard cover book too and owe much of my success to the wisdom inside it! Every marketer needs to read it. I need to read it again. Thanks for reminding me, Frank.

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