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Get 200 ad credits plus a paid 2×20 matrix position for free… and start to earn “Digital Silver”! 😊

Today Frank Hester pre-launched his brand new advertising and earnings matrix program… Asimi Pros.

And same as with his Crypto Pros site, I am helping him as a technical advisor.

All new Asimi Pros members will receive a paid matrix position that comes with 50 banner ad credits and 50 text ad credits for free.

Before reading on, I suggest to get step # 1 done and get your free account right now!

Are you done with step #1? Great, then let us continue. ?

This step #2 is optional at the beginning, but highly recommended and needed at the latest when you are ready to withdraw…

You should consider purchasing a one-time pay subscription that gives you a new position every single day for a year,
for a total of 36,500 text and banner ad credits combined and 365 positions in the 2×20 team forced matrix for just 100 Asimi… only about $8, right away.

Even if just 1 in 250 ad views gets you a click… that’s 219 highly motivated visitors for just $8… that’s less than 4 cents for a great quality visitor… super low cost! 😊

You don’t only earn down 20 levels of each of your own positions… no matter who refers them, but on top of that, when you refer others, you also earn a 100% matching bonus on their earnings.

Plus you will receive a sponsor bonus (fast start commission) on 6 levels to get you into profit really fast.

👉 What did I do?

✅ I personally purchased 50 subscriptions… that means every single day 50 more positions below me will fill up for the next 364 days! Can you spell “massive spillover”? 😉

Sounds good to you as well and you skipped step # 1 above? Then join Asimi Pros right now!

Got some more questions? Let me try to answer them right here…

👉 What is Asimi?

✅ Asimi (Greek for Silver) is a utility token created by Luke Millard from HashingAdSpace as a medium of exchange to pay for advertising services and receive earnings. It can be publicly traded on the decentralized Waves Exchange (a top 100 token on CoinMarketCap).

👉 Where can I buy or sell Asimi for USD or BTC?

✅ You can buy or sell Asimi tokens 24/7 on the decentralized Waves Exchange.

There are several detailed tutorial videos in the Asimi Pros members area that will take you by the hand and show you step by step how to get Asimi as well as how to sell your Asimi.

👉 Can I earn Asimi without buying Asimi first?

✅ You can signup for a free account and will receive a paid position in the 2×20 Team Forced Matrix for free and you can refer others to earn a lot more. To be able to withdraw your earnings, you will need to have at least a single paid annual subscription.

Get your free position in Asimi Pros right now!

Ok, and now to the final step #3, that you should not forget to do… Asimi Pros is already included in the Crypto Pros, and it will be added to the Infinity Traffic Boost and Infinity Mailer Boost Downline Builders within the next 24 hours, you should add your Asimi Pros username to all 3 to leverage your existing downlines in those sites.

To your online success,

Frank Bauer

Director of Marketing Pty Ltd
Co-Founder of,,,,,, etc.


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