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Front of the house marketing lesson

Sometimes you can learn about marketing right in front of your house from the local wildlife.


Robin Pike says:

Hi Frank:

It is nice to meet new people on Twitter. I must say your video about the spider was very unique. I would have never thought of that to address it towards camoflaging ads like a spider does by looking like a stick!! LOL

I also think its funny that you would rather be faced with a snake instead of spider… neither one really bothers me but we all have our funny quirks about us.

I hope you and your family have a fabulous holiday and I look forward to sharing ideas with you.


royal kritzberger says:

hi there i would like my money back from you frank back in novber i signed up and i gave you19.95 to sign up i would like my money back in a check made out to me with in the money you made with it and sign me out

Michael Lofton says:

Hello Frank!
… boy, I’m certainly glad to meet you with the (now) knowing that you took over Detlev Reimer’s site(s).

btw… did you also obtain his ‘PromoBuddy’ software as part of your agreement? As an Internet marketer myself, one of the biggest areas of interest is to compile ‘all’ of my marketing resources into ‘one’ management scheduler program. And, something like Excel doesn’t do it for me. After fooling around with PromoBuddy I see some good insights and potentials.

Anyway, the very best with your endeavors and if you have any further input on an expansion to the PB format please let me know… ok!?

best always,

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