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Day 1 at the World Internet Summit in Auckland

The first day was what they called the “Newbie Day”. Here a short video on how it all started…

You might be wondering why I watched newbie stuff on day 1? Not quiet what I am looking for information wise?

Right,but guess what?  Sylvie & Michel Fortin where showing how they setup their web site for raising money for breast cancer research as part as the World Internet Challenge and during their presentation I picked up two great tips which I wrote down…

1. Michel is a top notch copy writer that wrote copy for John Reese, Frank Kern etc. and he explained while creating the page for the raising money for breast cancer research project, why he did certain things on the page.  One point that caught my interest was how describes in the call to action step-by-step to the prospect what he wants them to do next.  e.g. “What I would like you to do next is to click on the order button below to order XYZ, you will be send to PayPal where you login with your PayPal email address and password.  Once you finished your payment, you will be forwarded to our order thank you page where you can get immediate access to your XYZ product.”

2. He shared with the crowd that he tested placing a video on the order page that shows the prospect also step-by-step how they go through the order process and how that video helped to increase the page conversion by 400%.  Amazing stuff!

Here is a picture of me with the two of them in the hallway in front of the seminar room…

Michel & Sylvie Fortin

On a side note… the reason they picked the raising money for breast cancer research project for the World Internet Summit is that Sylvie was diagnosed 2 years ago with late stage breast cancer and was giving 1 year to live.

It’s now two years since that and she is fine.  In her own words, due to the improvements in breast cancer treatment due to breast cancer research.

I believe so too and went and donated right away myself.  During the donation process they asked if I wanted to donate the money in honor for anybody, which I did.  I donated in honor of my wife Luisa who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer a little over 9 years ago.

The doctors didn’t give her an exact amount of time she would have left, but told her that others with similar severe breast cancers on average had another 5 years to live.

I am glad to say that all that is now over 9 years ago and my wife is fine.

Anyway… that was another reason why I happily donated.

If you can spare a few $, I would be happy if you could join. 

The page for this cause is located at:

On a lighter note… I also had my 15 minutes of fame today on stage when Brett MyFall interviewed my on how attending the World Internet Summit had truly helped me to get to the point where I was able to generate $457,000 in sales from a single product.

Man… was I nervous walking on stage, but I made it through and it seemed like teh crowed liked what i had to share. 

Later in the evening I went again out with Leon (see yesterdays blog entry) and his wife Cat to an Italien restaurant.

Check out this two videos that I took of the Auckland, New Zealand skyline at night.  In the first one I confuse some crazy girls with the radio…

… and on the second I actually catch the crazy girls on camera…

‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe… it can achieve.’
Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

To your success,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer

Owner of


Gareth James says:

If your driver/guide was a kiwi he needs to be hung, drawn and quartered. What an insult not knowing the name of one of New Zealands landmarks. North Harbour Bridge… Where was he born ? Australia ??

Danella Rutherford says:

Hello Frank,

I do admit to being suitably impressed that this actually was taken in New Zealand in Auckland city!! Please forgive my doubts Frank, but so much on the Internet lately is hype.

It was a pity you couldn’t have seen that wonderful view during the daylight. It is superb, but I have to say, there are many and more wonderful sights here besides “dear old Auckland”.

I have been reading your blog and finding it very interesting.
So I shall keep reading.

Thank you,

Iago says:

Hey, Frank.

Looks like you’re having an enjoyable time at this event. I just finished watching the first two videos, and I seem to be having some trouble getting them to download so that they will stream more smoothly. I think that this is because of all the heavy Net-user traffic on an early Saturday afternoon here in Taiwan; everything is routed through Taiwan Telecomm, so the bandwidth, even with ADSL, is kind of crowded sometimes. So I might wait a couple of days to get into the meat and potatoes that I am sure you offer up on the event in later videos. Right now, I have other online brouhaha to attend to for my own marketing sitcom. Okay, enough for now. Later on.

Roy Leonhardt says:


Thank God Luisa (your wife) is all right. What a horrible experience it must have been for her.

I’m sure it was no picnic for you either.

What a noble cause. Keep the good work.

I hope you get a lot of donations.

Roy Leonhardt
P.S. Hope to meet you all soon.

Frank Bauer says:

@Gareth James: To his excuse… he was born in the UK. And when we went today with Ewen Chia to the SkyTower, he did mention the correct name. Funny is… we bumped into Dr. Mike Woo-Ming and his sidekick Brian “Koz” Kosobucki on the tower.

@Danella Rutherford: Yeah, sad but true… like those emails you sometimes get that say “my good friend XYZ asked me to share this with you…”. And then you get the exact same email from 5 others.

@Iago: Yeah, having a blast here. Will try to post day 3 later, just want to grab some dinner first.

@Roy Leonhardt: True… it wasn’t easy for anybody, especially her. But all went well and it’s now already a little over 9 years and 3 month ago. Will never forget the date as it was on our son’s first birthday.

I talked last with Michel & Sylvie last night and they said that back then we already got close to $10,000 in donations. Hopefully even more by now (the more the better of course). Even if you or anybody else can’t donate, just sharing the word would be very much appreciated.

Best regards,

Frank Bauer

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