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How do I create a list without actually creating a website for affiliate offers?

Let’s assume you have been mucking around with affiliate marketing for quite a few years now.

And you are not sure what is needed to use an Autoresponder to build a list or even if it can be done without a site.

You know that you have had thousands of viewers to the various sites but have only been notified on the odd occasion of any contact details.

How do you create a list without actually creating a website for affiliate offers?

Without a website of your own, the only way to build your own list while doing affiliate marketing, is if you promote an affiliate program that has a list building function build in for their affiliates.

Now, there are two types of affiliate programs that allow you to build a mailing list of your own…

1. Affiliate Programs with a build in downline mailer e.g.,, etc.

2. Affiliate Programs with a build in function to grow your or (etc.) autoreponder list e.g., etc.

The 2nd type of affiliate programs are the better kind as they allow you to build your mailing list (the most important asset you can grow with your online business) in your own autoresponder that you will be able to keep even if you stop using that affiliate program.

The only downside is that there is an extra cost involved for having your own account with an autoresponder service provider like etc.

An alternative to an autoresponder service would of course be using a self hosted autoresponder script like e.g. Add2it MailResponder Pro.  But… a self hosted autoresponder script will require you again to have your own web hosting account.

On the long run I highly recommend to get your own website and to start out… it should best be your own blog.

What will you sooner or later need to run your own web business?

1. Get a domain name
2. Get a web hosting account
3. Get an autoresponder account or script

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