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Important information for Add2it Affiliates & Resellers…


I have several important points to share with you today…

1. Great news… there are 3 new products you can earn up to $150 a pop on. The products are…

a) Blog And Forum Secrets Package:

Product Title: Blog And Forum Secrets Package
Regular Price: US $47.00
Commissions paid: US $9.40 – $14.10
Referral Link:

b) Make My Website Sell Package:

Product Title: Make My Website Sell Package
Regular Price: US $97.00
Commissions paid: US $19.40 – $29.10
Referral Link:

c) Professional Copy & Split-Testing Package:

Product Title: Professional Copy & Split-Testing Package
Regular Price: US $1,997.00
Commissions paid: US $399.40 – $599.10
Referral Link:

All salesletters have been written by the professional copywriter and partner of mine, Andrew Cavanagh, to make sure they convert as good as possible.

2. As mentioned last month, Russell Brunson, has created a great new online forum called “Conquer Your Niche”. It’s a great concept where people help each other and earn ad credits that way.

Why mention it again? It just got even better… you can now earn up to 1,000 ad credits for a single quality post! Yeap, you read that right.

I predict that Russells forum will soon be more popular then the famous Warriors Forum!

In fact, so far it has already 15,873 members.

Getting involved in forums is one of the best ways to network and promote while online.

Now Russell and I think alike sometimes. And this is one idea that I think rocks! (Really, I wish I thought of it.)

Could you imagine a forum going viral? You will see why it will and hot it will BENEFIT you, but only if you do 2 things.

#1 – Join right now.

#2 – Tell everyone you know.

Here’s why:

You’ll get to display your ads on the forum. And he’ll give you up to 1,000 advertisement credits every time you post, reply, or even READ a post.

Plus you’ll get to interact with the top marketers in the business. I just checked out who’s joined so far and I was amazed!

Now, before you think… it will be will of junk because of that… no way! Besides those ads of yours that are shown at the to and bottom of the forum… the only other place that ads are allowed is in the signature.

Otherwise… it will only be quality content that is there to help you. How can I be so sure? Simple…

Russell has assigned a whole bunch of moderators that take care of the forum… and I am one of them.

Check it out here:

Signing up is free… and your ads will start displaying right away.

3. Time really flies by… can you believe it’s just another 2 days until Christmas?

Did you notice all those giveaways going on right now? It’s like one new one every week, hope you didn’t lose track. Some of them have really great gifts they are giving away… and you are allowed to pass them on.

For your convenience, I compiled a little best of list for you…

a) “12 Days Of Christmas” the original from Mark Hendricks:

b) “The Super Gifts” from Henry Gold:

c) “OTO Gold Mine” from Raamakant S.:
(Complete automatic 3-step system to turn your dead Internet real estate into a Gold Mine)

d) “Conquer Your Niche Forum” from Russell Brunson:
(Get up to 1,000 ad credits for a single post)

e) “Get Your Share of the Internet” from Agloco:
(Earn shares & cash for browsing the Internet)

f) “Christmas Giveaway” from Derrick VanDyke

BTW… did I mention that all of the above comes 100% free of any charge?

I would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas Season and a Happy New Year.

4. If you personally use any Add2it script, please send me your testimonial. This will also benefit yourself by giving you free publicity and increasing your conversion rate and generating more commissions. Send me your testimonial here…

5. There is additional marketing material available in the affiliate / reseller area… you will find ready to use and with your affiliate / reseller link customized classified ads, flash banner ads with instructions on how to add them to your site, a solo ad and more.

6. You can check your statistics anytime online at:

To login you will need your username as well as your password.

7. You can find details about your upline, downline, you can get your sales data, your link & banner codes and you can track your advertisements… visit your personal affiliate area at:

8. If you have ideas on how to improve the program or if you need my help, please open a helpdesk ticket at:

Thank you very much for your help and support.

If you have any questions you may contact me at anytime.

‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe… it can achieve.’
Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

To your success,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer

Owner of &


Dan Darnell says:

Pretty cool.. I have joined. I will also be joining many other companies as a community effort. We all make money as a team and it’s a whole lot easier than hours of marketing. Just click my name. Nice post.

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