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What is the best way to promote my online product?

Let’s assume you have an online software product that stops key loggers. What is the best way to promote it?

No matter what product you want to sell online… the questions you need to ask yourself in order to find the best way to promote it is (in the following order):

1. Who is the ideal customer for my product?

2. Where can I most likely find my ideal customer?

3. How can I best get my best customers attention?

When you answer that first question, beware that “everybody” is most of the times not the true answer.

Let’s say in your specific case you might think that “everybody” needs protection from key loggers, right?

Well, that might be (even if many Mac users will argue that they are usually not the target of key logging software that’s usually Windows based)… but, even a Windows user might “not be aware” that he has a need for that kind of protection.

My point is… the ideal customers for a key logger protection software are people that are aware that there is a danger and that want protection from it!

There is a way to promote key logger protection software to people that are not yet aware that they need it, but it’s not the ideal customer and it needs a different approach.  More on that later.

Now that you know who the ideal customer is for your product, it’s time to figure out where those customers are usually found online.

Besides targeting your ideal customer straight in their email inbox (assuming you have access to a mailing list for this type of customer), where else can they be found?

This is where Google comes in handy as our best friend.  Do a search for the keyword phrase your ideal customer is most likely looking for and add the term:  forum or blog

Search e.g. for:  windows security forum

What you are looking for is a forum or blog that either sells advertising space (e.g. banner ads) themselves or that uses Google Adwords on their site.

Even if they don’t do either of those two, but allow their visitors to post or comment with either a forum signature including a link or their linked name on blogs, you could use that to advertise on their site simply by being an active participant that provides helpful posts or comments.

And of course there is also Facebook Ads that allows you to pin-point exactly who you want to advertise to and that way not just advertise to everybody, but only to your ideal customer as they use Facebook.

This leads us to the 3rd question… how do you get their attention?  And how can you possibly not only get the attention of the ideal customer, but also of those that are not yet aware that they are also an ideal customer?


Here is an ad example:  Is your online banking account in danger of getting robbed?

Or:  Don’t be the next identity theft victim!

What is important to keep in mind when you advertise online is that the page that your ad leads to repeats what your ad said and continues from that point on to explain how your product is the solution of the visitor problem or concern.  After all, you don’t want to loose your potential new customer once they arrive at your web page due to them to understanding the connection between your ad message and what your product offers.

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