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7 Steps to Build a Big Online Business from Scratch to 7 Figures

I got published in the Sept / Oct 2011 issue of the Internet Marketing Magazine on page 16 & 17, check it out!

Two little mistakes sneaked into that publication (can you tell what they are?), so here is the hopefully error free version of my article…


7 Steps to Build a Big Online Business from Scratch to 7 Figures
by Frank Bauer, Director of Marketing Pty Ltd

My name is Frank Bauer and like so many, I started to build my online business from scratch, with zero business experience back in July 1996.

But unlike many others that get overwhelmed by the massive amount of information out on the net and that give up after trying for a few months to a year, I was simply too stubborn to give up on my dream of building a business for myself. A business that would feed my family and supply us with a recession prove way of not only maintaining our lifestyle, but over time improving it substantially.

But I am getting ahead of myself here. The path I took from nothing to 7 figures in annual sales wasn


glena says:

Hi Frank,
I have been in the group for way too long. I have been one of the click throughs. Not on purpose. It is because of lack of conprehention.
I have always known your system was good. So I kept them and surffed and even connected to several of the members sites.
Now my problem is, My promotional url is to my sign in page and has my username with the option to change password.
I finally understand how this all links together. I am now on-board and ready to promote.

Can you help?
Blessings to you and yours in Love and LIGHT

Theuns says:

This is all good and well but the most difficult thing to find online is a dedicated mentor. Everybody sells you there system because they believe it’s the best. The truth is once they have made their money they don’t care whether you make a success with it or not. There is no sympathetic or empathetic follow up trying to find out why you are not getting near the same result. Some of these guys even gets annoyed when you ask simple technical questions. That is why a battle on and don’t approach anybody for help anymore.

Frank Bauer says:

Hi Theuns,

I think the main problem is that once those so called “mentors” achieve their success they are so busy running their own businesses that they don’t have the time to give a lot of time to each individual that purchases their courses.

They often end up not doing their own support anymore, but having staff, either local or in the form of VA’s (Virtual Assistants) that do take care of their day to day support work.

The fact that results will vary depending on who tries to follow what kind of system by itself seems not surprising to me as there are just so many factors that will make a difference. Just one of many factors is your personal circle of influence and the people you know and that know you.

Many of those so-called “mentors” have been speaking on seminars and build a massive circle of not only buddies (aka JV partners), but also followers that will help them grow their business using their own system.

One point that always disturbs me is if they make it sound too simple and leaving out parts that they had to do or did to achieve the results they got.

It’s as if I would only share how I made a million in sales in the first year alone that generated for me without mentioning that I started online in 1996, 11 years before I launched 1 Million in a year sounds much better, but the truth is that I started online 11 years before that… lot’s of learning and trial and error before.

Chris Joy says:

Hey Frank!

1 million sounds pretty good to me either way – 11 years or not.

Heck I’d settle for paying my bills every month.

8 years and counting.

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