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7 Figure Secrets Affiliate Prize

A few days ago a box was delivered to our doorstep… top secret electronic equipment made it past customs.

Time for me to say thank you and share the story. Click on the play button below and check it out…

Or download the video to your computer (18.15 MB)

Man… I thought I was the technical type, doesn’t look like in that video… right?

All gadgets shown are compliments to Mike Filsaime from 7 Figure Secrets.

‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe… it can achieve.’
Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

To your success,

Frank Bauer

Frank Bauer

Owner of


Norman Pascoe - G4USB says:

Hi Frank, quite envy the New Toy, top secret electronics indeed what is Mike and his team like.

Hey why only 19th in his competition then. You must have been slacking and need to build your list.

I understand that if you were to join Viral URL you would be able to grow the list in no time and perhaps you should consider this as an option, what do you reckon lol!

Hey that was some creepy looking spider in the other video in your garden, Don’t get them in Europe thank goodness! Looked more like a stick insect than a spider, weird. As for snakes, well never had anything to do with then thank goodness!

Happy New Year

Cornwall UK

Jeff Willis says:

Hi Frank!

It’s Jeff Willis here. We met a three years ago at WIS 2006 and then at the butterfly marketing dinner… and then in I5 Gold!

I ducked out of the IM channel a couple years ago and now it’s time to come back with some serious focus!

I’m so pleased to hear of your success and a huge congratulations to you! I look forward to joint ventures in the future!

To a prosperous and adventurous 2009!

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