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Important information for Add2it Affiliates & Resellers…


I have several important points to share with you today…

1. Until the end of the month of June there is a 2 for 1 sale at

Every Add2it customer receives a second free script license for every license purchased.

Also, please not that starting the month of July the prices for Add2it scripts and services will go up. What does that mean for you?

a) You will earn higher commissions on each sale.

b) You can use this information to increase the number of sales you can refer during the 2 for 1 sale.

I have not yet emailed my list of customers and More4you Blogletter subscribers about this as I want to give you the opportunity to inform the people on your list before me and earn up to 70% in commission. BTW… before you do so, log into your Add2it back office and consider the one-time offer (see details in point #2 below).

2. From now on, when affiliates log into their back office the very first time, they are offered a one-time offer to become resellers and receive up to 70% in commissions as well as up to 50% discount and get your hands on a surprise bonus package containing several high value bonuses. The total value of that package is $6,040.00 and offered at over 96% off.

This will increase the number of people that become resellers and this way earn you lots of extra commissions for those your referred to the Add2it Affiliate Program.

BTW… all existing affiliates will see that exact same one-time offer as soon as they login at:

Once affiliates you referred take advantage of this offer, you will earn up to $59.10 in commissions if you are a reseller or up to $39.50 in commissions if you are an affiliate.

My tip… take advantage of that offer before those you referred do.

3. The Add2it Go-To System service is now in Pre-Launch and you can win the $8,272.20 platinum package!

On the 18th of July I plan to launch my brand new ad tracking & split testing service site.

Until then the site is in pre-launch and you can win a $8272.20 platinum service package.

For details, please visit:

4. Please help to increase your commissions by doing the following:

Visit the site and look at what is being offered from the customers point of view… then tell me if you find anything that would prevent you from ordering yourself. I will then use this information to improve the site even further, so you can earn even more commissions.

As an added incentive for helping me to help you earn more, for sending me an improvement tip that I use you will receive a 70% off coupon for your next order! Just ask me for the coupon code when you send me your tips via…

5. Visit your affiliate area at least once a month at:

Then click on ‘Update Supported Program ID’s’. You will find a big selection of the best free or paid programs & tools on the Internet which are updated every now and then.

You can earn additional commissions or traffic with every single one of them…

a) Every time somebody visits your main referral URL they will see a float-in window with a randomly selected recommended program / service. This link on this window can be yours by entering your own ID in the ‘Update Supported Program ID’s’ section.

b) Also the ‘Other Recommended Programs & Tools’ section can contain all of your own links by entering your own ID in the ‘Update Supported Program ID’s’ section.

Here is another reason why you should act fast… if anybody in your downline joins any of those before you do, they will signup using your uplines ID! So, check it out… join those you like (many are free to join)… enter your own ID’s and watch the commissions & traffic rolling in.

Once you have done so, everybody in your Add2it Affiliate / Reseller Program downline AND everybody you refer to will see YOUR program links in that section. Once they join, they join in that program under YOU and if they order YOU will earn the commissions!

But if your downline members joins before you or if those you refer to order before you entered your own ID, they will end up under somebody in your upline and your upline will earn the commission. So… click on ‘Update Supported Program ID’s’ to join the programs and enter your own ID’s now!

6. If you personally use any Add2it script, please send me your testimonial. This will also benefit yourself by giving you free publicity and increasing your conversion rate and generating more commissions. Send me your testimonial here…

7. There is additional marketing material available in the affiliate / reseller area… you will find ready to use and with your affiliate / reseller link customized classified ads, flash banner ads with instructions on how to add them to your site, a solo ad and more.

8. You can check your statistics anytime online at:

To login you will need your username as well as your password.

9. You can find details about your upline, downline, you can get your sales data, your link & banner codes and you can track your advertisements… visit your personal affiliate area at:

10. If you have ideas on how to improve the program or if you need my help, please open a helpdesk ticket at:

Thank you very much for your help and support.

‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe… it can achieve.’
Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

To your success,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer

Owner of &


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