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Would you like to Advertise Free For Life?

If you haven’t already checked out “Advertise Free For Life” from our fellow Aussie mate Walter Bayliss, you should do so now as it helps you build your business online by giving you what we all need the most… leveraging the ways we advertise as well as additional ways to advertise!

You benefit from this site in your promotion of any program or web page. Just set up your links before you do your usual blasting out – and every click you get rewards you with Bonus Advertising.

It is a simple, yet effective concept. You also get an instant access to a mailing list.

To sum it all up in a few simple words…

As a free member of you leverage your existing promotional efforts with an unlimited number of links that you advertise by running them through this system and this way you gain additional ad exposure with every click on your links.

Also, as a free member you gain instant access to a mailing list of at least 200 that you can email every 7 days. These 200 are your (if you have any) plus up to 200 randomly selected “Advertise Free For Life” members.

BTW… as a Platinum member you get instant access to 500 members every 5 days, as a Diamond you get 1,000 members every 5 days and as an Elite you get a 3,000 members every 3 days.

Another helpful feature of “Advertise Free For Life” is that you can build your downline simply by using the links to advertise. Of course a direct promotion of “Advertise Free For Life” can build your downline even faster, but it’s your choice… you can simply leverage your advertising and that way build your downline at the same time.

Even though you can join free, the main reasons that we recommend to take advantage of the Diamond One Time Offer are simple. You blow your ability to earn free advertising through the roof by now earning that bonus on multiple levels within your referrals. Plus you get over $2,000 of worth of top quality advertising from some of the biggest sites online (including ViralURL & ViralHosts!).

And, as if that wasn’t reason enough… as mentioned before, your mailing list immediately increases to 1,000. That has very good value for your promotions.

Again, to sum it all up in a few simple words…

By taking advantage of their Diamond one-time offer you earn advertising credits also on your downline clicks on 4 levels deep and Elite gets down to 5 levels.

Plus you get bonus advertising credits from other sites valued at US $2,000.

Click here to Advertise Free For Life today!

To your success,

Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert
& Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer


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