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ViralUrl and ViralHosts are two different products but have several similar features. If you can’t make the difference between the two, here is your chance to catch up and figure out what comes with what!

ViralUrl has been around for more than 2 years now and ViralHosts for almost 4 months. Still, too many don’t know the main difference between the two. These two products are different but share several similar features.

ViralUrl is a link cloaker with a built-in list builder and mailer and a system mailer. It is ideal for internet marketers and alike. It offers a great way to protect and track affiliate links but also some powerful traffic and lead generation tools.

On the other hand, ViralHosts is a marketer-friendly web hosting system with most of ViralUrl’s traffic and lead generation features. It also has a built-in list builder and mailer, a system mailer and various traffic generation tools.

For those who don’t know what the system mailer is, here is a short introduction. The system mailer comes with ViralUrl’s and ViralHosts’ Gold (or higher) memberships. With this feature, you get to email 3,000 to 6,000 random members (depending on your membership level) every 3 days. That’s 30,000 to 60,000 emails sent every month to a targeted audience of internet marketers, network marketers and home business owners.

So the main difference resides in the primary function: ViralUrl is originally a link cloaker and ViralHosts a web hosting system. However, for a lot of users the primary function is the system mailer with which you can generate 100s of leads every week. The conversion rates reported by users of both systems are fairly similar. ViralUrl’s best performers often have several accounts and now many of them use both ViralUrl and ViralHosts to cloak their links, host their blog and generate leads.

ViralHosts is NOT an upgrade of ViralUrl. ViralUrl’s database isn’t related in any way to ViralHosts’ database. These are two separate databases. Emails sent by ViralUrl members aren’t distributed to ViralHosts members, and emails sent by ViralHosts members aren’t distributed to ViralUrl members.

Video: ViralUrl vs. ViralHosts

If you’re still a little confused, here is a 4-minute video by technology enthusiast Patric Welch. Patric uses both ViralUrl and ViralHosts and explains the difference between the two from a user point of view:

In terms of value, ViralUrl and ViralHosts are very close. However, ViralUrl has a database of approximately 61,000 active members while ViralHosts ‘only’ has 10,000 active members at the moment.

Like Patric says in the video, there is a much greater pool of people to send to or trying to get traffic form on ViralUrl at the moment but ViralHosts is growing fast. ViralHosts’ member base is considered as ‘fresher’ than ViralUrl’s and its cPanel-based hosting section gives it some extra value.

Quick overview

> Here are ViralUrl’s main features:

– Link cloaker (to protect and track your affiliate links)

– Downline builder and mailer (your list almost builds itself)

– System mailer (very powerful lead generation tool)

– Traffic generation tools (text and banner ads, guaranteed visits, etc.)

> ViralHosts‘ main features:

– cPanel-based hosting (with Fantastico, RV SiteBuilder, etc.)

– Downline builder and mailer (your list almost builds itself)

– System mailer (very powerful lead generation tool)

– Traffic generation tools (text and banner ads, guaranteed visits, etc.)

Both systems have a high commission structure and a wide range of promotional tools that will help you build your list and make your first commission in no time. If you haven’t joined ViralUrl and ViralHosts yet, make sure you act fast as you’re missing out on hundreds potential leads every single month!

If you have any questions or simply would like to know more, feel free to comment this blog post or submit a ticket to (for ViralUrl) or (for ViralHosts).

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