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You may think Jim Daniels has flipped when you read this…

Hi everybody,

Jim Daniels, an online buddy of mine just published the latest issue of his BizWeb eGazette.
And you know what? I couldn’t agree more with what he says there, take a look yourself what Jim writes…

The business opportunity I am reviewing today, is VERY different from the last one.

It isn’t an MLM or network marketing program. It it’s a rapid income business opportunity. You don’t need a website or a product and you don’t need to be able to sell.

In fact, It’s the raw type of rapid income generator that many people get whipped into a frenzy over.

As most of you know, I rarely join any business opportunity. I just don’t like to chase the latest and greatest thing. But I did join the company you are about to see.

Have a look at the review, take a peek at the site and decide for yourself if it is something you would like to try…

The Company: 1 Step System

(Chances are, you’ve seen this being promoted already. But I urge you to take a moment and read this review anyway. I promise it will help you make a more educated decision.)

A few weeks ago I got a message from a fellow businessman I’ve known for about seven years. While I like the guy a lot, he does seem to promote quite a bit of stuff.

That usually turns me off a bit, but he promised this one was “different.” So I decided to read the rest of his email message.

However, I was immediately turned off when I saw the pitch, which seemed to good to be true…

Virtually Anyone Can Earn $500 Per Day With! NO Selling!NO Phone Calls!

NO Speaking To Prospects!

NO Explaining or Answering Questions!

NO Closing!

Is it possible?

It is if you own your own personal 1 Step System.

Now I don’t know about you, but I usually RUN AWAY clutching my wallet when I read stuff like that.

Here’s why…

Programs like that usually have a huge, gaping hole in them… THE PRODUCT. Or should I say the LACK of a Product.

But I decided not to jump to any conclusions. I mean heck, if the program worked, many of my loyal subscribers would want to know about it. So I set out to investigate, starting with the product…

That’s where I ran into an immediate snag. In fact, I almost gave up when clicking the products link at site. A message popped up telling me I needed to listen to their free 37 minute teleseminar before I could see the products.

Strike One.

But for a change, I exercised patience and decided to give it a fair shake. So I signed up and made the call that night.

I fully expected to discover that the product was actually the system itself, and I’d be done with it.

I was dead wrong.

To my delight I found literally thousands of dollars worth of products including PDFs, audios and some nifty software I’d never seen before.

They were all part of the 1Step’s Ultimate Marketers Toolkit – the flagship product of the company. It made me wonder why they did not show it off proudly at their site. (I figured that out later and will share the answer at the end of this article.)

During my fact finding mission, I also discovered a marketing system unlike anything I’ve seen online.

In fact, it was so effective, before I knew it I was signing up. (I hope I wasn’t influenced by the glass of scotch I drank while listening to the 37 minute call!)

Anyway, once inside I dove right into the products and the video training system. I quickly found that they were some of the highest quality Internet marketing tools I’d seen. What impressed me most was that the products themselves were worth far more than what I paid to get into this program.

Needless to say, the first test was passed with flying colors. Now it was time to check out the earnings potential…

Frank here, can you see now why I had to share Jim’s review with you? How refreshing…

BTW… you can subscribe for Jim’s eGazette at:

But check out first what else Jim writes…

A Look At The Money…

I figured if this 1Step System was truly was something my subscribers could earn easy $500 commissions with, then I’d want to tell them about it before the program went mainstream.

Upon close inspection of their payment structure, their program looked to be a modified two-tier affiliate program. But unlike a regular affiliate program, there was no waiting the standard 4-6 weeks for payment.

There was no confusing plan with binaries, uni-levels and such, and the commission was truly a full $500. In fact…

The $500 commissions are paid instantly to affiliates — something I KNEW many of my subscribers would love.

The way it works is simple…

You send people to your site and a surprisingly effective marketing system kicks in. Your visitors are encouraged to listen to a free teleseminar describing the program. On the call the opportunity is explained, and they are given an opportunity to save money on their own Ultimate Marketer’s Toolkit. Each time someone does so, they pay $500 directly to you.

Once they are inside, they get their toolkit and they are then invited to spread the word. You then earn income from their efforts as well.

While it sounds like network marketing, it is much simpler, and again, the commission are a full $500 (unlike the 5% pittances you see with many MLM programs.)

A few Closing Thoughts…

I completely understand if you think this program looks “scammy”. It’s the first thing I thought when I saw the expensive house and car images at the site. But there is a real product behind this program.

What turns some people off is the way it is being promoted. The owners realize that while solid products can drive sales, opportunity can drive MORE sales. And that’s why they’ve taken the tact to build in a great opportunity and feature it as the top reason to come onboard.

If that flip-flopped marketing strategy creates a negative image in your mind, I can certainly understand.

But I urge you to push that mindset aside for a few minutes and at least listen to the free call. Read a few of the letters at the site. They are all real.

While the 1 Step System is not for everyone, it is proving to be a solid income opportunity for many — people who’ve done well online, as well as people who’ve never made a dime.

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